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Ergonomic Anti-Fatigue Matting in Your Footwear

MEGAComfort Inc. is a cutting edge company which offers a complete range of patented ergonomic, dual foam, anti-fatigue insoles and orthotics. MEGAComfort Products have been clinically proven, through multiple field tests, to reduce muscle fatigue and pain, while simultaneously increasing worker comfort. For over a decade, MEGAComfort has advocated for cost effective Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat Insoles to replace costly standard floor mating. Our unique insoles are designed by podiatrist and MEGAComfort founder, Dr. Kevan Orvitz.

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Message from Dr. Kevan Orvitz

All MEGAComfort Products are Ergonomically Designed by Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Dr. Kevan Orvitz

MEGAComfort represents a vision formulated from over 10 years of research, design and just good old fashioned hard work.

As a practicing Podiatrist with over 15 years of experience in various parts of the world, I have studied all aspects of biomechanics, and the human body as it relates to the lower extremity and the feet. As part of MEGAComfort’s unique personal service and commitment to its valued clients, I am always available to answer any clinical questions in regards to our products line.

And that, is my Personal Commitment to you!

Dr. Kevan Orvitz

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I want to inform all who reads this letter MEGAComfort did arrange an experimental test with their anti-fatigue insoles. We had employees from all three tours sample the mega insoles. We handed out surveys how employees felt before they used mega insoles and another survey after two weeks. The outcome/results were great, employees were very happy with the insoles. Those who were complaining about back, hip and foot problems said they felt a difference by using the insoles.
APWU Safety Rep, US Post Office
I have been a MEGAComfort insole customer for the last two years. In my work area, operators and maintenance staff are on their feet most of the day. We have some ERGO fatigue mats for operators to stand on but we needed greater coverage. MEGAComfort insoles offered us our best solution. We tried the MEGAComfort insoles all last year and had major improvements in foot and muscle fatigue. Operators continue to request the insoles for their shoes and work boots. MEGAComfort has been very accommodating to our needs and quickly re-fills our orders. I recommend them highly to people who have foot problems or have jobs that require them to stand constantly. They are reasonably priced and offer a low cost solution to many foot and back problems.
Maintenance Group Leader, Kodak
Thank you for developing the PAM insoles, they have provided the only relief for the foot pain caused by structural and nerve damage that I have been living with for the past ten years. By reducing the pain in my feet they have also greatly increased my mobility, as a front line supervisor for a large corporation (GE) I am required to be in many different locations within our plant at various times during the day, your insoles have made what used to be an ordeal for me turn into a manageable task. Thanks again.
Front Line Supervisor , General Electric
We began testing the insoles in the beginning of 2004 as part of our Industrial Ergonomics Program. We then went on to test them with a variety of workgroups who use safety boots on a regular basis and who stand on hard surfaces for at least half of their day. We collected positive data and received great feedback through the C.L.U.E. surveys. We now include them as part of our Safety Shoe Program; employees with receive one pair of insoles a year (paid for by the company).
I have had employees come to me and say that they appreciate the insoles and that they feel less discomfort in their lower extremities and back. As one employee stated on his C.L.U.E. survey: “These things are great! I love them! Now I have to get them for all my other shoes. The difference was very noticeable the first time I wore them. MEGAComfort insoles offer great quality for the price, particularly when you are a large company and need to supply them in large quantities. I highly recommend them to enhance any organization’s efforts in providing a safe and comfortable work environment. I look forward to more innovative and effective products from MEGAComfort Inc.
Wellness and Ergonomic Specialist, Chevron
I came into contact with Dr. Orvitz an his product while doing some investigation on anti-fatigue insoles. There had been a movement in the facility and corporate wide to do away with ergo matting and use wood flooring instead. Throughout the move to wood flooring a number of workers raised serious concerns with the state of their flooring and complained of sore feet, ankles, and knees. As a trial MEGAComfort supplied me with close to 20 pairs of insoles which were distributed to workers who signed up for the insole trial.
The response was overwhelmingly positive and this sparked increased interest in the product. Workers claimed that these were the most comfortable insoles they had ever used on the job. The requests have continued to mount and I am in the process of trying to have these insoles available in our general stores area so that they can be more widely distributed. The MEGAComfort insoles are durable, light, washable, elastic and most important effective. They are in high demand because of their superior design and comfort. I high recommend them.
Union Health and Safety Rep, Ford