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Top 10 Questions About MEGAComfort Insoles

  • Feet are the foundation of the entire body. Any weakness in a foundation and the whole structure collapses. As a result, anti-fatigue insoles are especially important for individuals who spend the majority of their workday either standing or walking.
  • Numerous clinical studies have found that insoles can decrease lower extremity swelling and improve posture. A recent study also showed MEGAComfort Insoles reduced lower extremity muscle fatigue for employees performing their normal work tasks and increased balance reactions.
  • MEGAComfort has also performed numerous Pilot Test Programs in the workplace with many large companies to test the effectiveness of their ergonomic anti-fatigue insoles on the companies’ employees. On average, the perceived total foot, knee and back pain had been reduced by over 35% after wearing the insoles for three to four weeks.
  • Employee acceptance in these tests has been well over 95%. It has been proven time and time again that a proper anti-fatigue insole can make a difference by lowering injury rates, decreasing compensation claims and increasing employee health, wellness and productivity. Anti-Fatigue insoles are also a cost-effective alternative where standard anti-fatigue floor matting cannot be used or for mobile employees.
  • The first time the idea for the Insole started back when Dr. Kevan Orvitz, the CEO and Founder, was a student employee at General Motors during his summer holidays from Podiatry School.
  • Dr. Orvitz spent four summers on the V8 assembly line, with one of those working on the hard concrete surfaces of an automobile assembly plant. He recalls they had anti-fatigue floor matting at his workstation, sometimes even stacked three or four high in order to get some sort of relief. Even though he had a stationary job, he still moved quite a bit around his workstation, on and off the floor matting. The summer of maintenance was extremely destructive to his body, due to the amount of walking and complete lack of any anti-fatigue or comfort intervention. This was despite the fact that he was wearing very expensive top of the line industrial footwear.
  • It was then that Dr. Orvitz first realized there must be a better way. When he was in Podiatry School at the time, ideas started to conceptualize around in his head. It wasn’t until years later that the opportunity arose for Dr. Orvitz to put these ideas into practice.
  • He was asked to develop a shock absorbing insole for military use. Today’s soldiers found themselves being deployed to mountain terrain or urban centers. There was a concern about the lack of shock absorption in these boots and the resulting lack of comfort and increased injury rates.
  • At the same time some early investigation into the use of anti-fatigue shock absorbing insoles with the US Post Office was being conducted. Dr. Orvitz then set about to develop and design an ergonomic anti-fatigue shock absorbing insole for use in both military and industrial footwear. As a result, the MEGAComfort flagship product, the Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat Insole, was born.
  • All MEGAComfort Insoles have been personally designed by world renowned podiatrist Dr. Kevan Orvitz, specifically for employees who stand or walk for long hours in the workplace.
  • The patented, dual layer 100% memory foam technology is really the key.
  • Unlike other foams or gels, memory foam is both temperature and pressure sensitive. It was created by NASA to protect the astronauts from harmful G-Forces during blastoff.
  • Other memory foam insoles have now come on to the market since MEGAComfort, but these unlike MEGAComfort Insoles contain only single layer memory foam.
  • The unique patented material combination of dual layer 100% memory foam self customizes, dynamically compresses and gently rebounds with each step of the walking cycle. The top layer of memory foam reduces harmful shear force and provides comfort, the bottom layer provides shock absorption and motion control.
  • The feel and effect of the material combination is exceptional. MEGAComfort Insoles also consist of a soft but durable top cloth which has both anti-microbial and anti-perspiration properties for added comfort in all types of footwear.
  • All MEGAComfort Insoles contain numerous aeration holes for air circulation and temperature control and are also machine washable.
  • Not necessarily. Gel can be effective for reduction of vibration or side to side forces, but is not the best material for protection against vertical forces (the ones most prevalent during standing and walking).
  • Gel also has one major drawback in that it releases the energy it absorbs as heat, which is not the best idea inside your footwear.
  • On average about 9-12months. However, some individuals will wear the insoles quicker than others based on body weight, activity and perspiration level.
  • The advantage of insoles are that they are inexpensive compared to footwear and anti-fatigue matting.
  • MEGAComfort Insoles can extend the life of footwear, are easy to replace and they protect the human body. However, most Podiatrists, including Dr. Orvitz, recommend that insoles as well as footwear be replaced every six months.
  • The Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat® (PAM®) is best suited for individuals that wear industrial footwear or stand for many long hours during the day on hard surfaces. The PAM provides maximum shock absorption and maximum comfort.
  • The PAM ESD is for use in ESD footwear to maintain the anti-static properties of the footwear. Replacing the insole in ESD footwear with a standard non ESD Insole can negate these properties. The ESD Insoles are not recommended for use in EH Footwear.
  • The MEGASole is recommended for use in footwear that cannot accommodate the PAM or in cases where extra vibration reduction is required.
  • Unlike other orthotics, the MULTI-Thotic 3 in 1 Comfort Orthotic System provides extra support and balance without compromising comfort. As an initial alternative for custom orthotics, it is suggested for individuals with flat feet pronation or other biomechanical foot problems. As the MULTI-Thotic provides three support options, including medium support, harder support and an insole base with no added support pieces, it is a viable product for all individuals in all types of footwear.
  • If orthotics are currently being worn, in certain cases the MULT-Thotic may also be an adequate replacement for these devices. It is best the individual first check with their prescribing physician before making the switch. As the MULT-Thotic consist of heat moldable medical grade polypropylene, the orthotic arch supports can be heat molded and customized by a prescribing physician.
  • Diabetics or individuals with chronic foot pain, persistent joint problems, numbness in the feet or circulation problems should also check first with their physicians before wearing this product.
  • Electrostatic discharge is a very common everyday electrical phenomenon which cannot be avoided or prevented; however, it can be controlled.
  • All materials carry some quantity of electrons which give the material a net charge. This charge is said to be static since the charge carriers aren’t going anywhere.
  • The Electrostatic Discharge event occurs, when any two materials are put together, brought near to each other, or separated. During this movement of materials relative to each other, electrons will migrate from one material to the other.
  • This movement of electrons (which are charge carriers) is an electrical flow or current and is considered a discharge, hence the name Electrostatic Discharge.
  • By definition for a material to be antistatic or electrostatic dissipative (ESD) it must have an electrical resistance between the limits of 1×105 Ohms/square and 1×1012 Ohms/square. Anything over 1×1012 Ohms/square is considered insulative and not safe.
  • Electrostatic discharge footwear is designed to ensure constant drainage of static charges from the body to ground. For ESD footwear to be effective both inner soles and outer soles need to be static dissipative and provide continuous electric contact of the foot to ground as required by ESD standards.
  • MEGAComfort PAM Insoles are available in every second shoe size from women’s size 5 to a men’s size 15.
  • If you are a half size it is recommended to go up the nearest whole size.
  • A size trim line is provided on the bottom of the PAM ESD, MULTI-Thotic and MEGASole Insole to assist in trimming to size.
  • A 3/4 trim line is also provided on the MULTI-Thotic and MEGASole to provide for better fit in more casual and dress type of footwear with a small toe box area
  • Due to the material combination of the insoles the memory foam will spread out a bit and surround the foot.
  • Usually a larger size is not needed. However, if you have very wide feet, usually EE or above, it is suggested to purchase the MEGAComfort Insole in the next higher shoe size and just trim the length of the insole down.
  • All MEGAComfort Insoles are machine washable and dryable.
  • It is recommended to wash the insoles on a monthly basis, if required, using a mild detergent in warm water.
  • The plastic pieces of the MULTI-Thotic can also be hand washed.

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