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Technology is at the foundation of MEGAComfort. From its inception, our company recognized that new technologies can dramatically improve workplace safety. While working in automotive factory, Dr. Orvitz saw that anti-fatigue matting was insufficient to provide foot support and comfort for those employees standing for long periods of time during their workday, and therefore had a negative effect on their health and safety.

He saw that slips, trips, and falls were more likely to occur with matting, and that matting was limited in its ability to effectively prevent fatigue. It was then that Dr. Orvitz made the MEGAComfort dream a reality and utilized cutting-edge technology to create the MEGAComfort patented dual layer 100% memory foam insoles. You can continue learning about the various state-of-the-art technologies currently implemented in MEGAComfort products below. 

MEGAComfort Insole Technology

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