Our lives are constantly affected by ergonomics, the science of designing products that improve the safety and efficiency of the individual user. Whether you’re at work, home, school, or sitting at a coffee shop, ergonomics can improve or worsen your physical comfort. In honor of National Ergonomics Month, today we’re talking about the importance of understanding ergonomics in your workplace.

Most work environments are filled with safety hazards. Whether you work in a restaurant, medical lab, or in an office setting there are ways to improve workplace safety and physical comfort through utilizing ergonomically designed products, tools, workstations, and equipment.  A growing trend is the use of sit-stand workers stations.  To learn more about switching to a standing desk and workstation, improving the ergonomics of your workplace, click here.

Poor ergonomics can lead to injury and musculoskeletal disorders. Checking your workplace for proper ergonomics can lead to fewer injuries, job satisfaction, and increased productivity. In manufacturing, healthcare, or jobs that require standing and walking for long hours, employees are prone to pain and fatigue. It’s important to wear anti-fatigue insoles that support and cushion your feet with every step.

This October we are thrilled to celebrate one of our favorite areas of study and practice, Ergonomics. The MEGAComfort team is passionate about our ergonomically designed Dual Layer 100% memory foam insoles. It’s very empowering and humbling to provide people with foot support that positively impacts their health, productivity, and physical wellbeing. You can learn more about our mission and history here. 

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