The seasons come and go, but managing your health and wellness requires consistency and care. Regardless of the season, your workplace can be a source of wellness inspiration and motivation.

Here are 6 tips for preventing burn out and increasing employee engagement in their health and wellness.


1. Get the Conversation Started

A problem without a name cannot be discussed or solved. If you are not talking about health and wellness in the workplace, you’re doing yourself and your team a disservice. We all know that our health is vital, but if we don’t discuss how to achieve optimal health with our colleagues, employees, and team then we miss out finding solutions that improve their wellness and productivity. Having an open discussion about work-life wellness may be what your company needs to pinpoint solutions that improve the entire workplace.

2.  Education

Ignorance may seem like bliss, but you may be surprised by how many employees would like to engage in a workplace wellness program. If you’re looking for ways to educate your team, you can offer seminars focused on health and fitness. At MEGAComfort, we have a professional pilates instructor come in and teach a group pilates class. Not only does our team get to learn a new fitness skillset together, but it fosters discussions about physical activity, and general healthfulness.

3. Burn Bright Don’t Burnout

Creating a workplace that allows your employees to flourish and thrive is essential to being a successful leader. It’s important to learn how to identify employee burnout so that you can effectively address their needs. Workplace burnout can lead to a lack of productivity, or worse, it can lead to safety hazards.

4. Champion Health Initiatives

Making health a priority in the workplace has the ability to shift the entire mindset of your team. One thing we have been privileged to witness is how successful company’s health, wellness, and safety programs can become while implementing an insole program. This Spring, MEGAComfort’s Energysole will be revolutionizing the insole and wearable tech industries. We realize that the workplace is rapidly evolving and requires innovative products that simplify and solve workplace problems.

Work-life wellness is being redefined and it starts with your feet. EnergySole is the ultimate blend of comfort and technology. Combining state-of-the-art sensors with their dual layer memory foam insole, EnergySole generates performance data and step by step analysis in real time to empower users to improve their daily walking and running activities.

To find out about implementing an insole program in your workplace, click here.

5. Promote Generosity

Having the ability to give back to your fellow man and community is one of the greatest human qualities. At MEGAComfort, we give our employees an extra day off, to use at their leisure, so that they can take a day to donate their time to a charity or cause close to their heart. It’s such a simple way to generate a chain of caring events. Being generous with your time, money, or heart instills a sense of accomplishment and we’re thrilled to support our team on their personal missions to better the world around them.

6. Follow the Leader

Health and wellness are noble goals, but they are only attainable if your team has a leader with the same intentions. Much like any task, objectives are easier to meet when everyone is working together to be successful. To be an effective leader, you have to lead by example. Although most work-life wellness discussions focus on employees, they start with management and leadership. Not only does this build a stronger team but it makes reaching goals more meaningful.

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