Are there workers in your facility who walk/ stand on their feet all day? Harsh concrete flooring and obligatory footwear requirements can take a toll on the feet. Do workers complain of foot, knee and back pain. If yes, you have come to the right place.

Looking for insoles?

Insoles are a great option for people on their feet all day. They come in various materials, types and sizes, and provide support and comfort to tired feet. There are so many different brands and types of insoles available in the market now a days. Here we will take a look at the different aspects you should consider before finalizing your choice of insole:

1.    Design Considerations

Not all insoles are created equal. Some insoles, like the MEGAComfort Insoles are ergonomically created by a renowned podiatrist with a patented design, specifically for employees who stand or walk for long hours in the workplace. Dr Kevan Orvitz, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine created the MEGAComfort Insoles with over 15 years of research and development.

2.    Material

The patented, dual layer 100% memory foam technology is really the key. Unlike other foams or gels, memory foam is both temperature and pressure sensitive. It was created by NASA to protect the astronauts from harmful G-Forces during blastoff. Other memory foam insoles have now come on to the market since MEGAComfort, but these unlike MEGAComfort Insoles contain only single layer memory foam.

The unique patented material combination of dual layer 100% memory foam self customizes, dynamically compresses and gently rebounds with each step of the walking cycle. The top layer of memory foam reduces harmful shear force and provides comfort, the bottom layer provides shock absorption and motion control.

3.    Claims and Results

While insole companies now a days make many tall claims about their products, most of their claims are not based on research and testing. You should only consider insoles which have been proven and tested to show significant results. A good clinically proven and field-tested insole is the MEGAComfort PAM Insole which has been proven to reduce foot, knee and back pain by 35% on average, and reduce lower extremity muscle fatigue with an over 95 % acceptance rate. Read the study here.

4.    Comfort

One of the main reasons people buy insoles is the comfort. MEGAComfort Insoles consist of a soft but durable top cloth which has both anti-microbial and anti-perspiration properties for added comfort in all types of footwear. Numerous aeration holes in the insole help improve air circulation and temperature control.

This is what people say about the MEGAComfort PAM Insole: ”Made me feel like I was walking on clouds ”

“These PAMs have completely changed my day. These will now be a staple in my wardrobe. I highly recommend them.”

“They work! Others did not. I have been buying these for a couple of years now and will not stop. They work. Try them. You will not be disappointed”

“They are so comfortable and helped ease my knee pain.”

“Very comfortable on my feet. I love the way my feet feel. They are like walking on pillows.”

5.    Facility Requirements

Does your facility have any obligatory footwear requirement like steel-toe, ESD, Puncture Resistant etc.? If yes, consider insoles compatible to those requirements like MEGAComfort ESD Insole which has ESD threads for Electrostatic dissipation.

6.    Cost Effective

Not everyone can afford to visit foot therapists or spend hundreds of dollars on custom made insoles. Companies have a limited footwear and insole budget. MEGAComfort Insoles are a cost-effective replacement for matting and help reduce MSD injury costs. To estimate potential injury cost vs cost savings at their facilities, use the MEGAComfort Pain Calculator.

“well worth the money” “PAMs have been a life saver and well worth the money. Don’t even compare the to the insoles you can buy at your local drug store.” “I bought 4 pairs to use in several pairs of shoes. The price is right compared to the other high-priced insoles out there”

7.    Customizable

An insole may be good on paper, but if it doesn’t fit your feet and shoe, it’s no good. MEGAComfort Insoles can be trimmed to match the shoe for that perfect fit.