Tired after a long day at work? We bet your feet feel it too. Foot protection means more than wearing a new pair of steel toe boots or or safety shoes. It’s crucial to wear your safety footwear while on the job, and it’s also important to make sure your foot is properly supported and cushioned.

Fortunately, MEGAComfort® Insoles were created specifically to reduce pain and fatigue, while cushioning your feet with patented dual layer 100% memory foam. Dr. Kevan Orvitz created MEGAComfort with the working warrior in mind. Understanding how much time and pressure is put on your feet, he set out to create a product line of insoles for every worker, in multiple workplaces and situations.

MEGAComfort offers a Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat (PAM)® Insoles for maximum shock absorption and comfort in industrial footwear. Our PAM ESD insole is perfect for workers who need anti-static footwear. In addition our MEGASole insole is a streamlined design for casual, street and safety shoes. The Multi-Thotic insole provides extra support and balance without compromising comfort, and for those workers who are on construction sites, our PAM Puncture Resistant insole protects from sharp objects.

Besides insoles, it’s important to wear the right socks. MEGAComfort offers the MEGASock, made with 50% wool to provide protection from heat, cold, and are more durable than the average sock. For temporary use only, when steel toe protection is required, MEGAComfort offers a new and improved MEGA Steel Toe Overshoe. Ensuring proper foot protection means staying happy and healthy on your feet longer.

The Best Way to Budget

MEGAComfort insoles do more than support your feet, they show your team that you value their health, happiness, and wellbeing. Fortunately, MEGAComfort insoles also fit well into numerous budgets, just as they do various footwear.

Check out this handy infographic and select which area of your budget you want MEGAComfort insoles to step into.