Moms and entrepreneurs have many things in common. For instance, they each work long hours, get little sleep, have many headaches, and absolutely love what they do. Mompreneurs take this to a whole other level. What’s a Mompreneur? They are exactly as they sound, amazing mothers who take on the incredible challenge of being both a mom and an entrepreneur.

MEGAComfort is very proud to be home to one amazing Mompreneur, Barbara Orvitz.

Barbara, along with her husband and podiatrist Dr. Kevan Orvitz are the driving force behind MEGAComfort. A brilliant business woman, Barbara works tirelessly for both her family at home, and the MEGAComfort family at work. Each day you’ll find her (with a cup of tea in hand), providing new solutions, innovative ideas, and determination to support and grow MEGAComfort.

Barbara’s entrepreneurial spirit stems from her growing up in a household where her parents had their own family business and where she was encouraged to get involved and engaged in the business from a young age. Her leadership experience came from community involvement and commitment ever since her youth, which continues to be part of her moral compass and fulfilment every day.

Being co-led by a mom, entrepreneur, and business woman brings another level of resourcefulness, skill, drive and vision to our team. We’re fortunate that there are many moms and women in our MEGAFamily and we believe that these women are like entrepreneurs in that they are all creative, caring, and determined.

This Mother’s Day, our team will celebrate all the mom’s and women in our lives because they truly make our world and workplace better, each and every day. From developing new concepts for our insoles, spearheading our wellness program (read more about our Pilates Program here), to collaborating with efficiency and grace, they each have a positive impact on the MEGAComfort team.

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