You’ve definitely heard the saying; “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” You’ve probably also heard the equally popular saying; “Always wear proper footwear in the kitchen…and make sure they have MEGAComfort insoles to prevent slips, trips, and falls.” No? The second one is less familiar? Ok, it may be a less well known saying but it’s actually more valuable and important to remember. 

Whether you are in a busy commercial kitchen, located in a hotel, restaurant, or cafeteria or preparing food for your family at home, proper footwear can be life saving. If you’re walking on slippery floors, knowingly or unknowingly, you’re doing so around dangerous objects like knives, hot tools and surfaces, and usually large equipment, like ovens, stoves, and dishwashers. Sometimes, all of these items; wet surfaces, floors, and dangerous or hot objects can be a recipe for disaster. 

It’s rare that anyone in the kitchen is leisurely cooking and calmly cleaning. Whether its a restaurant, hungry kids, or spouse, there is added pressure, and often times stress. Slips, trips, and falls account for a majority of worker’s compensation claims in the food service industry. At home, it’s still a risky business. Not only can you slip, trip, or fall because of an anti-fatigue mat, you can be sure they are less hygienic. While cooking in the kitchen, it is not uncommon for food to fall on the floor and get trapped or caught in your floor matting. This can smell, cause more need for cleaning and maintenance, but more importantly it can be unsafe. MEGAComfort insoles are inside of your shoes. If your worried about the cleanliness of your insoles, there is no need to stress. Our insoles are machine washable. Having clean insoles is as easy as doing your laundry! 

The first ingredient for safety in the kitchen is proper footwear. Your slippers or sandals are not as helpful or protective as you feel they are. Even worse, is only wearing socks, because they can add to a slippery situation. While in the kitchen, you really need to wear slip-resistant footwear to reduce injury. It may seem over the top, but one slip, trip, or fall can lead to back, head, or even fatal injury. We suggest close toed shoes, like running shoes. 

It’s important to wear a shoe with some form a tread so that it doesn’t react poorly to moisture, and reduces the probability of slipping. Another important factor is comfort. It just so happens that comfort is baked right into the name of our insoles. Our original patented dual layer memory foam insoles are ergonomically designed to provide the highest possible level of comfort, while simultaneously reducing pain and fatigue.

Proper footwear and foot protection starts inside the shoe. You may have or see anti-fatigue mats in commercial kitchens and even by your sink in your home kitchen. Imagine each step you take, being supported by an anti-fatigue mat. If you’ve never walked on an anti-fatigue mat, just imagine dual layered memory foam cushioning your feet.  That is the unique benefit of MEGAComfort insoles, they are designed to keep you on your feet longer and happier. 

A common complaint from people who work in the kitchen, is that prolonged hours of standing can be hard on their lower, middle, and upper back. Unforgiving surfaces such as tile, wood, or cement floors do not provide the optimal amount of shock absorption to protect your feet, legs, and back. MEGAComfort insoles provide foot and back protection on the move. You don’t stop standing and moving, and MEGAComfort insoles are there to support you with every cushioned step. 

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