It’s the third week of January and like most people, you may be starting (or even forgotten) your New Year’s resolutions for 2018. Studies show that nearly half of Americans set New Year’s resolutions. Typically these important lists of how to improve one’s life in the coming year includes weight loss, fitness, and being more active.

For those of you who hit the gym week one, you probably noticed the gym was packed. All the machines were taken, and you may have had to wait your turn. However, by week 3 of 2018 you’ve probably noticed a decline in fitness enthusiasm. If you take a look 6 months from now, you’ll notice things look just like they did the previous year.

We aren’t trying to be pessimistic. In fact, if you’re familiar with our company, MEGAComfort, then you already know we love promoting activity and fitness inside and out of the office. We’ll get to more of that later.

For now, we want to focus on how to help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions for 2017!

Get Social

As humans, we are two types of animals. You may be thinking, “party animals?” and you’re close…we’re social animals and we’re creatures of habit. When you understand our nature, then you can see you’re more likely to create new wonderful healthy habits when you make them social. You can start a group with friends, coworkers, join new fitness classes, or even hire a personal trainer. If you love classes but don’t belong to a gym, you can try a service like Classpass.

At MEGAComfort, we understand that group fitness is important. Together as a team, we have a pilates class in our office once a week. Not only is fun to work out together, but we all are there to support, cheer, and help one another achieve our personal goals.

Set a Date

Personal trainer extraordinaire, Jillian Michaels says “when you have a why you can tolerate any how”. To add onto this thought, we say “when you have a goal you can do what it takes to get there”. That goal doesn’t have to be crazy. If you don’t run, don’t commit to a marathon, maybe start with a 5k walk. Choose a goal that you’ll enjoy working towards and schedule it on your calendar.

Be the Smiley Face Emoji

We’ve all had the moment when you’re in a class, or working out at the gym and you realize your face is contorted. Instead of the smiley face emoji, you probably look like the one with the zig zag mouth. That’s a good moment to realize you should lighten up and have fun. When you smile and enjoy your work out regimen, you’re more likely to repeat it.

Aches and Pains

It’s normal to feel slight aches and pains when beginning a new fitness regimen, especially if it’s very challenging. However it’s important to know your limits and not to exceed them. If you’re experiencing pain before you event get to the gym, we have a solution for you too. Sometimes, a long day on your feet at work can be exhausting. You’re fatigued and working out sounds too painful.

Instead of getting to the point of exhaustion before you’ve had time to focus on yourself, stop the cycle before it starts and use MEGAComfort insoles. Our dual layer memory foam insoles are clinically designed to reduce pain and fatigue. No matter what type of shoe you have to wear to work, whether you work in construction, medicine, have a sit-stand work station, we’ve developed MEGAComfort insoles for almost every type of shoe!

Keep Moving

No matter what type of exercise you decide to focus on in 2018, just keep moving. As we’ve discussed before, increasing your time walking throughout the day can have a tremendous impact on your health. We wish you a healthy, happy, and MEGAComfort-able 2018!