The Airline industry may have their heads in the clouds, but their workplace is still susceptible to safety hazards such as slips, trips, and falls. Workers in this industry also fall victim to discomfort and pain due to walking or standing for extend periods of time on their feet, which often lead to expensive injury and healthcare claims.


In 2013, the FAA issued new policies to improve workplace safety for cabin crew members aboard aircrafts. Wherever these policies stopped short, OSHA could step in and provide additional standards and regulars. The goal of these new FAA regulations was to provide increased safety standards for employees from the time they board until the time they disembark. (


Prior studies show that airline crews are dissatisfied with their role due to stress. Physically challenging workplace conditions also led to high absenteeism. ( Airline crew members are expected to work long hours on their feet. Their footwear is not always supportive and the aircraft flowing is typically unforgiving. In addition, they work in small spaces, bending, and assisting customers with lifting their heavy luggage into the overhead compartment. Longer flights can present greater physical stressors, repetitive movement, and little support for their feet, knees, and back. Airline crew employees are susceptible to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) which negatively effect their nerves, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Providing employees with ergonomic solutions can reduce pain, fatigue, increase productivity and comfort.


MEGAComfort work life wellness solutions, provides airline employers with peace of mind, knowing that their workers are protected from a variety of hazards and musculoskeletal disorders. Our anti-fatigue insoles are clinically designed and field tested to reduce pain and fatigue. Taking preventative measures to reduce MSDs, injury claims, and loss of life, while simultaneously providing ergonomic solutions and comfort for those working hard and unforgiving surfaces, lay the foundation of the MEGAComfort mission.


MEGAComfort offers a simple and affordable safety and wellness solution for the airline industry. Starting an insole program takes little time and resources to set up. Workers can immediately benefit from adding anti-fatigue insoles to their work shoes. Instead of installing costly floor matting, that requires expensive maintenance, constant cleaning of oil and grease, implementing an insole program is fast, effective, and employees utilize the ergonomic and wellness benefits everywhere they walk throughout their workplace.