You don’t have to stand on your feet all day to be hard on your back and entire body. In fact, sitting too much is bad for your health. Unfortunately, people who are sedentary, or sit for long periods of time, are at high risk for numerous health conditions including lower back pain.

Fortunately, many workplaces are now adopting sit-stand workstations. Utilizing standing desks allows employees to work comfortably while standing. These adjustable workstations are vital to maintaining employee health and wellness. In addition to improving health benefits, some studies show these sit-stand workstations also improve productivity.

For over 15 years MEGAComfort has been helping workers reduce muscle fatigue and pain while increasing comfort with our patented, doctor designed, dual layer memory foam insoles. Our signature product the Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat (PAM) insole has revolutionized footwear for those using work boots.

MEGAComfort Inc. prides itself on designing ergonomic cutting-edge insoles and products that promote employee health and wellness. As champions of the sit-stand station, MEGAComfort felt compelled to make our famous, Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat (PAM) insole for dress shoes, ensuring every employee can benefit from the supportive and comforting step with MEGAComfort insoles.

We are thrilled to announce our newest insole, the MEGA-Thotic™ Slim . Now you can use MEGAComfort insoles in your dress shoes. Whether you’re sitting at your desk, or standing for hours on end, the MEGA-Thotic™ Slim insole, made of our original patented dual-layer 100% memory foam, is clinically proven to reduce pain and fatigue, while simultaneously increasing productivity.

Our MEGA-Thotic™ Slim insoles are the perfect cost effective alternative to anti-fatigue mats for workers who use sit-stand workstations. Instead of installing costly, ugly anti-fatigue matting, your employees can have Anti-Fatigue Matting in Your Shoes!

If you’re taking a stand and using a sit-stand workstation, make sure you’re properly supported with MEGAComfort MEGA-Thotic™ Slim insoles for your dress shoes. Ask us about setting up an employee wear test trial at our facility today!