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Providing Wellness and Support in the Agriculture Field

Agriculture is known to be one of the most hazardous industries. Workers, farmers, and even their families are at risk to nonfatal and fatal injuries and illnesses. Each day about 100 agricultural workers fall victim to an injury that forces them to take time off of work. For just crop workers alone, from 2008-2010, 50% suffered sprains [...]

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MEGAComfort Has a New Look

We are bold and we are ready for the Future! More than a decade ago, we revolutionized the industrial PPE market by launching the first ever patented dual layer 100% memory foam insoles with Anti-Fatigue technology. Combining our ingenuity with your unwavering support throughout the years. MEGAComfort has become the brand of choice for Anti-Fatigue [...]

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Allowing Your Delivery and Transport Employees to go the Distance

The delivery and transport industry make our lives much easier. Whether you’re a business owner or consumer, we all rely on this incredible industry, and it’s workers, to receive packages, goods, products, and services. The delivery and transport industry is the backbone of most companies supply chain. As much as we depend on this growing [...]

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Meet the Winners of the Hardest Worker Contest!

We’ve just wrapped up our 2018 Hardest Worker Contest. This annual event took place over Labor Day, as our own special way to honor those who exemplify dedication, generosity, and hard work within their workplace, community and home. It’s only fitting that this contest ended just before Thanksgiving, a time when our nation celebrations appreciation [...]

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The Third Annual Hardest Worker Contest

As Labor Day approaches many people are making end of summer plans for BBQs, pool parties, and fun celebrations. A couple years ago the MEGAComfort team was discussing their Labor Day plans and we began talking about the original meaning of the holiday. As a company, we have created a workplace culture of comfort, care, [...]

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Spring Newsletter

*|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* The MEGA Composite Overshoe As a work-life wellness company, we are committed to providing ergonomically designed work-related wellness and safety solutions that are technologically advanced and highly cost-effective. Staying true to our vision of making workplaces safer, we are proud to announce the launch of the ‘MEGAComposite Overshoe’! 25% lighter than Steel and [...]

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Driving the Importance of Support in the Automotive Industry

For most people, motor vehicles are an important part of daily life. Whether we have to commute to work, chauffeur the kids around, or simply get from point A to B, we depend on our cars. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “in 2010, on average day, 67.6 percent of the civilian non institutional [...]

Preventing Slips, Trips, and Falls in the Food Processing Industry

Food processing workers and employees face numerous health, wellness, and safety hazards every day in the workplace. Many of these risks involve slips, trips, and falls. “Injuries from slips and falls occur at a rate of 30.9 in food and 28.5 in beverage per 10,000 workers, according to BLS, higher than the 24.8 incidences in [...]

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6 Tips for Promoting Work-Life Wellness in the Workplace

The seasons come and go, but managing your health and wellness requires consistency and care. Regardless of the season, your workplace can be a source of wellness inspiration and motivation. Here are 6 tips for preventing burn out and increasing employee engagement in their health and wellness.   1. Get the Conversation Started A problem [...]

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