The pumpkin has been carved, the turkey’s been gobbled, it’s almost the holidays and soon we will celebrate the New Year.  In our personal lives we’re budgeting for gifts for friends, family, and coworkers. Putting endless thought into presents that will make the people we care about feel special and appreciated. However, in our professional lives we should thoughtfully consider how to put to good use our end of year budgets.

The last thing you want is for money to go to waste by not utilizing your end of year budget. Regardless of your New Year’s resolutions, one thing is for sure, you want your business to thrive, employees to feel appreciated, and for the whole company to work effectively and productively.

Utilizing your end of year budget is a great way to give your employees the same care and consideration as your family. Share your gratitude and appreciation for your team and use up that year end budget by purchasing insoles for everyone.  With Every Step your employees will be fully supported and comfortable – A great way to start the New Year!

As well, MEGAComfort’s Dual Layer 100% memory foam insoles are a cost-effective alternative to anti-fatigue matting that can slip into your shoes effortlessly. They are clinically tested and are proven to reduce pain and fatigue, while simultaneously increasing energy and productivity.

Not only are MEGAComfort insoles less bulky and intrusive than standard anti-fatigue matting, but they can also help to prevent slips, trips, and falls.

The New Year often brings resolutions that we re-commit to annually. Giving comfort to your team, while improving workplace attendance, lowering health costs, and improving morale is an attainable goal you can reach simply providing insoles using your end of year budget.

To learn more and to find out where to purchase MEGAComfort insoles, contact us here.