Cost of Diabetes

THE COST OF DIABETES IN THE WORKPLACE If you think diabetes isn’t affecting your workforce or your workplace, it’s time to take a moment and evaluate the significant impact it’s likely having on your employees and business.Back in 2017, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), published its periodic National Diabetes Statistics Report. Over [...]

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MEGACares Fatigue Relief Program

MEGAComfort’s campaign to donate Anti-Fatigue Insoles ramps up in support of COVID-19 relief after receiving requests from over 800 Hospitals across North America. (TUSTIN – MAY 26, 2020) – MEGAComfort, a work-life wellness solutions company, has started the process of shipping thousands of pairs of Insoles as part of its MEGACares Fatigue Relief Program. The program was [...]

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Are you Flat Footed?

According to the National Foot Health Assessment, 8 percent of U.S. adults ages 21 and older (about 18 million people) have flat feet. Another 4 percent, or about 8 million U.S. adults, have fallen arches. What are Flat Feet? People who have flat feet have a very low arch and one or both of their feet [...]

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Fun Tips for Foot Health

It’s no surprise that working on your feet all day, can really affect your feet! However, that pain and fatigue doesn’t stop there, it can also affect your legs, back, and even neck. Whether you’re a sales associate, restaurant employee, flight attendant, nurse, pilot, doctor, or construction worker you are probably aware of the pain, fatigue, and potential injuries [...]

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A Recipe for Success: Proper Foot Support in the Kitchen

You’ve definitely heard the saying; “If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen." You’ve probably also heard the equally popular saying; “Always wear proper footwear in the kitchen…and make sure they have MEGAComfort insoles to prevent slips, trips, and falls.” No? The second one is less familiar? Ok, it may be [...]

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Stylish & Professional Work Shoes for Women

It’s time to address a conversation that we’ve been engaged in for a long time…comfortable work shoes for women. We know the ladies reading this are nodding in approval, eagerly awaiting our answers because most of the women in our office have asked themselves and us this very question. How do women find a [...]

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There is Nothing Corny About Insoles

If you get corns and calluses on your feet often, then you might consider a good pair of orthotics in your shoes. If you spend a lot of time on your feet then you can also prevent problems of possibly developing corns and calluses. There are many causes of corns and calluses. If you [...]

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Insoles Help Alleviate Hammertoe Pain

Hammertoes can be very painful. The best thing you can do for hammertoes is wear orthotics with your shoes. Orthotics can help treat and prevent problems associated with hammertoes.  Hammertoe is also known as mallet toe and is primarily caused by wearing the wrong types of shoes. If your shoes are too tight or if you wear [...]

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