How to Talk to Your Kids About Workplace Safety

If you’re a parent, you know that sometimes certain discussions can be overwhelming. There is so much information, education, and wise advice to give to your children. Workplace safety is definitely not the most glamorous or seemingly exciting conversation you can engage in with you children. However, it’s very important for your kids and yourself, [...]

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Back to School Backpack Safety

When is the last time you lifted your child’s backpack? Did you notice that instead of moving with ease, it actually felt like a brick might be inside? Maybe you’ve even noticed your child have difficulty throwing it over their shoulder and onto their back. However you noticed it’s weight, it’s very obvious that [...]

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The Centre for Research in Occupational Safety and Health (CROSH) has a unique vision, where workplaces join forces to ensure that workers travel to work safely, and live healthier lives. Students at CROSH are actively studying and seeking innovative solutions to pressing problems facing industries such as mining, natural resources, and healthcare with hopes [...]

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MEGAComfort Upgrades to LED Lighting for a Better Work Environment

At MEGAComfort we share a lot of information on social media about creating an office space that enhances or allows for greater productivity. We continue to share information about workplace safety, productivity, and design because we believe in investing in your employees, for greater professional and personal success. In an effort to create a more enjoyable [...]

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Supporting the Semper Fi Fund

For MEGAComfort, Social Media  means Social Responsibility! Throughout the year, MEGAComfort as part of its social responsibility, will be rasing funds for various charities through its various social media campaigns. Grainger Show February 15th-18th 2015 -  Twitter Campaign for the Semper Fi Fund For those attending the 2015 Grainger Show this week in Orlando, please [...]

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