MEGACares Fatigue Relief Program

MEGAComfort’s campaign to donate Anti-Fatigue Insoles ramps up in support of COVID-19 relief after receiving requests from over 800 Hospitals across North America. (TUSTIN – MAY 26, 2020) – MEGAComfort, a work-life wellness solutions company, has started the process of shipping thousands of pairs of Insoles as part of its MEGACares Fatigue Relief Program. The program was [...]

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Celebrating the World Day for Safety and Health at Work

The World Day for Safety and Health at Work is an international campaign and celebration of promoting health and safety on an annual basis. Occupational health and safety deserves global recognition to inspire and motivate business around the world to focus on their workplace safety culture. Providing workers with a safe work environment is not [...]

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Driving the Importance of Support in the Automotive Industry

For most people, motor vehicles are an important part of daily life. Whether we have to commute to work, chauffeur the kids around, or simply get from point A to B, we depend on our cars. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “in 2010, on average day, 67.6 percent of the civilian non institutional [...]

2017 National Ergonomics Month

Our lives are constantly affected by ergonomics, the science of designing products that improve the safety and efficiency of the individual user. Whether you’re at work, home, school, or sitting at a coffee shop, ergonomics can improve or worsen your physical comfort. In honor of National Ergonomics Month, today we’re talking about the importance of [...]

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Summer Safety Tips

Summertime brings many wonderful things like barbecues with friends and family, pool parties, beach days, and lots of special memories. In addition to joyous occasions, there are also numerous unfortunate accidents that may occur, which could be prevented with simple safety precautions. Staying Safe in the Sun During the summer we all love being outdoors. [...]

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Slips, Trips, and Falls

As we come to the end of safety month, we want to address one of the most important safety topics: slips, trips, and falls. Seemingly innocent, these incidents are leading contributors to injury and even death in the workplace. According to the 2016 edition of the National Safety Council Chartbook,“Injury Facts”, injuries from slips, trips, [...]

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Workplace Safety and Technology

Most of us are tied to technology. Whether it’s our smart phone, car navigation, laptops, tablets, or even smart home appliances like Alexa, we all rely on technology on a daily, or even an hourly basis. It’s no surprise that technology has changed the workplace and made a tremendous impact on workplace safety. June is [...]

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National Safety Month – Safety Tips

June is National Safety Month, and we are very happy to celebrate one of our favorite months. Practicing workplace safety is not only lawful, but it’s what you and your employees need to do to ensure a healthy, safe, and happy workplace. All workplace safety programs are different, but their intent and your enthusiasm for [...]

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National Safety Month

June is National Safety Month, which means we get to discuss and share one of our favorite topics, workplace safety and health. We are passionate about safety because we believe good safety practices can prevent injury, illness, and even death. Regardless of the industry you work in, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings [...]

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Step into Spring with New Shoes

Do you have a favorite pair of running shoes or workout shoes? It’s always good to have a pair that you like, but are they too well loved? Even the best shoes, sadly have their expiration date. Spring is the perfect time to clean out your closet and update your shoes! How long do workout [...]

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