The Benefits of a Sit-Stand Desk

Over the past year, you’ve probably heard more about sit-stand workstations. You may have even heard the phrase “sitting is the new smoking.” It may seem dramatic, but there are numerous reasons why people are getting up out of their chairs and working at sit-stand desks. If you currently work at a desk job, you [...]

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Safer Internet Day

Today, is Safer Internet Day! The theme of the holiday is to “Be the change: Unite for a better internet”. It’s the perfect day to talk about internet safety, for both young and older individuals. At MEGAComfort, we love talking about safety in the workplace. Most of the time we’re talking about using proper safety [...]

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Announcing Our New MEGA-Thotic™ Slim Insoles!

You don’t have to stand on your feet all day to be hard on your back and entire body. In fact, sitting too much is bad for your health. Unfortunately, people who are sedentary, or sit for long periods of time, are at high risk for numerous health conditions including lower back pain. Fortunately, many [...]

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How to Talk to Your Kids About Workplace Safety

If you’re a parent, you know that sometimes certain discussions can be overwhelming. There is so much information, education, and wise advice to give to your children. Workplace safety is definitely not the most glamorous or seemingly exciting conversation you can engage in with you children. However, it’s very important for your kids and yourself, [...]

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Health and Safety in Unusual Places

Health and safety in the workplace seems like a regular discussion for those working on a construction site, in a large warehouse, or within manufacturing. However, there are many places where workplace safety is a huge issue, and requires equal attention and focus. Some of these unusual places with workplace safety needs are zoos, [...]

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Taking Safety One Step at a Time

Most people spend more time standing on our feet than thinking about them, and even less time taking care of them. Working for long hours on your feet, or standing for many hours, without proper footwear and appropriate support can cause a horrible day, or even worse it can lead to debilitating lower body [...]

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The holiday season is known for gift giving, time with family, and enjoying large delicious meals with loved ones. The MEGAComfort team always looks forward to the holiday season and throughout the year, we work to give back to our employees in a multitude of interesting, important, and relevant ways. We often talk and share information about [...]

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