Las Vegas celebrates the New Year with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) every January. Hundreds of thousands of people flock to the Las Vegas strip to be amazed by the latest technology inventions and innovations from countless companies and industries. Although it’s difficult to spot one general theme of the event, one trend remains constant: the world of technology is constantly evolving and seeking to solve problems for almost every consumer.

This year was our second year at CES and it was a tremendous learning experience for our entire team. Not only did we all enjoy walking around the various exhibits checking out all of the smart features, products, and appliances but coming to CES with our own enhanced smart insoles, Energysole, was a thrilling experience.

Since last year, the development of our technologically groundbreaking Energysole has continued to soar. As the anti-fatigue insole leaders in the Health and Safety Market, we’ve made it our mission to create solutions that dramatically improve employee well being. We’re determined to redefine work-life wellness, starting with your feet. Dr. Kevan Orvitz, founder and CEO of MEGAComfort, engineered the Energysole, the ultimate blend of comfort and technology, combining state-of-the-art sensors with our unique patented dual layer memory foam insole. Energysole generates performance data and step by step analysis in real time to empower users to track and improve how they move throughout the day. As part of CES, Dr. Orvitz was honored to be part of the speaking panel “Connected Enterprise: Idea, Risk, Initiative, Benefit” to discuss how having a healthy and fit employee is a benefit to employers. The group of workplace wellness experts weighed in on monitoring employee activity, such as sitting , standing and moving in the workplace.

Within the discussion, Dr. Orvitz explained that in order for a workplace wellness program to thrive, both the employer and employee have to be committed and engaged in the process. Today’s employers are trying to identify the pain points of their business in turn increasing  employees wellness and productivity.Technology is allowing them to find measurable solutions to these problems.

Dr. Orvitz continued to explain that establishing a positive relationship with the actual employee  is also critical and made easier once they realize the benefits of these products and how they will enhance their lives. Employees that are fatigued, drained, physically hurting, are in turn less motivated and less productive.. Creating solutions that reduce pain and fatigue, while simultaneously counting steps, analyzing movement, and promoting activity throughout the day, is a part of our mission to continuously provide solutions that help everyone feel better, and live a healthier life both at home and at work.

Dr. Orvitz was privileged to speak at such an incredible event and our team was proud to present the Energysole at CES this year. We look forward to empowering employers and employees to make healthy decisions, while powering their step with Energysole. For more information about Energysole, click here.