If you think diabetes isn’t affecting your workforce or your workplace, it’s time to take a moment and evaluate the significant impact it’s likely having on your employees and business.

Back in 2017, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), published its periodic National Diabetes Statistics Report. Over 4 years ago, 34.2 million Americans were known to have diabetes. That’s about 10.5 % of the US Population. Not only do we have to look at those individuals coping with diabetes, but we have to take into account those who are Prediabetic, since they will become diabetic unless they take certain precautions. The same study reported 88 million people, or 34.5% of the adult US population, being prediabetic.

These statistics are shocking. A tremendous portion of the US population is either coping with, or hoping to prevent diabetes. Not only are their healthcare needs vital to their longevity and quality of life, but it effects their day to day lives, including their productivity, absenteeism and ability to perform their job.

The same 2017 study not only showed the magnitude and reach of diabetes throughout the US, but it also showed the cost.

Let’s start with the indirect costs of diabetes in the workplace:

Indirect total costs sum up to about $90 Billion

·      increased absenteeism $3.3 Billion

·      lower productivity $26.9 Billion

·      diabetes related disability preventing work $2.3 Billion

·      premature deaths due to diabetes $19.9 Billion

Those are just the indirect costs. The direct costs of diabetes are even more staggering.

The direct costs of diabetes in the workplace are $237 Billion due to medical care costs, treatment and supplies, hospitalizations and additional costs.

Now that we know diabetes is a disease effecting workplaces and employees around the country, we know we need solutions that make a lasting and transformative difference in the lives of those coping with diabetes.

Diabetic care can start from the ground up. Individuals living with diabetes often experience decreased sensation and reduced blood flow to their feet. In the worst-case scenario, this can lead to amputation. Clearly proper foot care and support can make a tremendous difference in the quality of their life.

That’s why Dr. Kevan Orvitz, founder of MEGAComfort, felt compelled to create the Personal Anti-fatigue Mat Diabetic Insole. We’ve taken our revolutionary, internationally acclaimed PAM insole and redesigned it specifically for those coping with diabetes.


This revolutionary insole includes an EVA top layer, allowing for total contact and maximum pressure distribution. The soft open-celled memory foam reduces harmful shear force and provides maximum comfort to the wearer. Our memory foam is unique in that we use ultra-high-density memory foam ergonomically molded for maximum shock absorption. These comforting and supportive insoles relieve pressure from sensitive areas and provide consistent anti-fatigue support with every step.

We know the cost of diabetes goes far beyond the dollar amount. Your employees feel worn down, listless and fatigued at the end of the day. Their aches and pain are exacerbated by their diabetes, but it doesn’t have to be this way.


ou can easily incorporate the PAM Diabetic insoles into your company footwear or safety program. Addressing the needs of your workers not only eliminates future health and safety risks, it allows them to feel seen, increase productivity, and creates a stronger sense of community and job ownership and pride. If you’re ready to reduce healthcare costs while increasing job satisfaction and participation, click here to learn more about implementing a cost-effective insole program for your team.