Cycling burns calories like crazy

Cycling these days takes many forms, including cycling outdoors on a bicycle and indoors on a stationary bike. One of the hottest trends today is spinning, which takes indoor cycling to a

whole new level of intensity. No matter whether you are cycling indoors or out, the fact is that

cycling is a great way to burn calories and get an incredible workout.


Cycling is a great sport for burning calories and having fun. There are certain risks that can be

avoided with the right equipment including the right shoes and a good pair of cycling insoles.

The feet are the contact point with the pedals of the cycle and therefore are both very important and very prone to problems. The pedals on most cycles are narrow and cross only the center of the foot which can cause an unnatural strain to the foot which can lead to a variety of injuries such as a neuroma. Some of the foot problems that cyclists encounter can be corrected by improving their technique to avoid straining their ankles or putting too much pressure on the ball of the feet, while the majority of potential foot-related injuries can be avoided by simply wearing a high quality pair of cycling insoles with a good shock absorbing material such as memory foam.

Why a good set of cycling insoles matters

One of the most painful foot problems that cyclists encounter is a neuroma. A simple way to

avoid the risk of neuroma is to wear good cycling shoes and a pair of cycling insoles that cushion the feet with dual layered memory foam. This can relieve a lot of the unnatural pressure that is caused right in the center of the foot where the nerves and tendons are most susceptible to injury.

What to look for in a good pair of cycling insoles

There are a few significant traits your cycling insoles ought to include. They should be

washable, durable and resistant to bacteria and fungi. You also want them to be as comfortable as walking on a deep cushy pillow, but also thin enough to keep from having a negative impact on the fit of your cycling shoes. This is where memory foam becomes important. A good set of cycling insoles should be made from dual layered memory foam which will contract and expand in order to reduce the pressure that can be caused by the constant pedaling of the cycle.


Cycling is a fantastic way to burn calories while having fun, whether indoors on a spinning bike or outdoors as a novice or even a professional cyclist. There are certain risks involved with cycling including a variety of foot problems like a neuroma that can be caused from the constant pressure of the foot on the pedals. An easy way to decrease the risk of sustaining this type of injury is to purchase a high-quality pair of cycling insoles. A good pair of cycling insoles should be made of dual-layered memory foam and be resistant to mold and bacteria.

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