Standing desks are getting a lot of well-deserved attention these days. In fact, we previously  discussed the benefits of standing desks and workstations in this blog.

Now that you’re aware of how standing-desks and workstations can positively impact your workplace and health, it’s important to be learn about the different types of standing desks available. Although these desks vary, each is easy to use and understand. There is a lot of research about how harmful sitting for long periods of time can be on your health, and standing-desks can help you take control over your healthfulness in the workplace. In fact, you’ve probably heard sitting is the new smoking. That’s because sitting for extended periods of time without standing, or moving, is seriously detrimental to your health. We hope that reviewing the different types of standing-desk options will help you find the right choice for your office or team.

Static Standing-Desk

Static or fixed standing only desks are typically built-in and have a standard height, which they are always set to. This could be a countertop or a desk that is built at a specific height.


The adjustable standing-desk is known as “set it and forget it” because it’s adjustable. It’s kind of like your chair, once you set it you don’t want to re-do it. However, unlike your chair, this type of desk can take a lot of effort to reposition.

Adjustable – Electric

Remember that moment of excitement when you could stop cranking your car window open, but you could open and close it with a button? Welcome to the adjustable electric standing desk. This desk has an electric lift. Simply pushing a button allows you to adjust this desk to the height you want it to be set at. Although these desks are more expensive, there ease of use allows multiple people to use them with ease.

Adjustable – Converter

This is the most economical option, and one you can implement rather quickly. You can use your existing desk or even your counter top. All you have to do is add a standing-desk converter. It stands on top of your desk and simply converts your work station into a standing-workstation.

Standing-desks are more than a fad. Sitting for long periods of time can have a harmful effect on your body. Regardless of where you work, it’s important to get up, move, or simply stand. It’s important that you learn about these different types of standing-desks so you can make an educated decision for your desk, or your entire team’s workspace.