It’s no surprise that working on your feet all day, can really affect your feet! However, that pain and fatigue doesn’t stop there, it can also affect your legs, back, and even neck. Whether you’re a sales associate, restaurant employee, flight attendant, nurse, pilot, doctor, or construction worker you are probably aware of the pain, fatigue, and potential injuries that can occur while working on your feet for extended periods of time. We know some of you workplace warriors stand for 8 to 12 hours, or more, per day!   Luckily, there are a few simple steps you can take to reduce pain and fatigue and we’ve come up with some fun ways to remember what they are! 

Red light, green light

You may have loved this game as a kid and now it’s time to remember to play it at work! Don’t be stagnant and stand still for large periods of time. Remember to move around. If you sit for long periods of time, remember to green light yourself and get up, move around! If you stand for long periods, either take a seat or walk around. If possible, do some stretching or in office yoga positions. 

Blue Suede Shoes

No, we don’t expect you to wear blue suede shoes to work. We do hope you’re singing along with us when we sing about shoes though! The idea here is don’t let your shoes wear out to the point that they are not supportive or comfortable. Today there are many stylish foot apparel options that allow for shoe insoles, see here for more women’s shoe options. 

Walk this Way

Ergonomic studies show that standing for long periods of time on hard flooring can cause feet, leg, and back pain. This strain on your body can decrease your energy, enthusiasm, and workplace productivity. Anti-fatigue insoles can help eliminate your foot pain and stress, boosting your productivity and increasing your comfort and energy. 

You may work on anti-fatigue matting while at work. However, have you ever wondered about all the walking you do that isn’t on that stationary mat? You’re constantly on your feet, and on the move, and you deserve support with every step. MEGAComfort insoles are personal anti-fatigue mats that insert directly into your shoe. Made of dual layer memory foam, our insoles cushion and comfort your feet while providing you with the constant support your feet need and deserve.