We’ve given thanks to family and friends, shared stories of gratitude over turkey and pumpkin pie, and then we shopped for holiday sales and gifts. However, somewhere along the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend it becomes easy to get caught up with deals, discounts and forget about those in need.

That’s why Giving Tuesday is such a special and important day to honor and celebrate. If you haven’t heard of Giving Tuesday it’s a movement created as an international day of giving, to start the holiday season.

You’ll often see #GivingTuesday because it’s transformed into a social movement, where people can share their stories and actions of giving back to their local and global communities. It’s a day and hashtag that unites people, businesses, and families to small and large acts of kindness both in financial donations and volunteering of their time.

This year, MEGAComfort will be donating to the Baycrest Foundation, who is trying to raise $25,000 for life saving equipment, such as 22 new portable emergency aspirators which are critical to the care of their long-term care residents. These portable aspirators give residents greater mobility and comfort. You find out more about Baycrest here. 

Year round, MEGAComfort strives to create an atmosphere of gratitude and appreciation. We are a company built on giving back, whether it be through charity, community outreach, or through team programs that create a safer, less stressful, and healthier work environment. One way we promote this is by giving an annual day off for volunteering to each of our team members.   Be it at a soup kitchen, participating in a charity walk, or leading a donation drive, our company supports their efforts and kindness.  Sometimes many small acts of kindness create a much larger movement, much like Giving Tuesday.

As we head into 2018 it’s great to take strides of kindness towards the new year. What will you be doing with your team or family to give back to someone in need? To learn more about the MEGACares movement, click here. We’d love to hear your stories of giving, feel free to share with us in the comment section below.