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As Thanksgiving approaches, we’re reminded about all of the things, people, and experiences that we’re grateful for. Here at MEGAComfort, we strive towards creating an atmosphere of appreciation year round. However, Thanksgiving bring it’s own additional appreciative atmosphere. If you’re looking for a good way to show thanks to your coworker, colleagues, or industry professionals we’ve put together a little list to help you do so:

Say It

It’s that easy! We’re all so used to emails, texting, any sort of technical way to communicate with one another that going up to someone and saying thank you, is a rare and special event. You can phrase your thanks in any way you feel comfortable, but approaching your coworker, or even a family member can be a very meaningful way to improve relationships and show true gratitude.


We may all receive a lot of emails, but do we receive a lot of personalized e-cards? Probably not. However, there are so many great websites offering free or almost free services. One of our favorites is You can set up a thank you card and mail it to your entire contact list, yet each card is personalized with their name.

Hand written note

Checking the mail, we usually create a pile of trash and a pile of bills. However, it’s so exciting to get a hand written note from someone we care about! Outside of major life events, like getting married, we rarely sit down to write thank you cards and yet receiving them is such a joy. Thank you notes are great post job interview, to people you care about during the holidays, or even to your coworker for doing a job well done this past year.

We are so honored to be a part of such a warm, welcoming, and positive safety community. As footwear safety industry leaders, we appreciate and are so thankful to work with so many other experts in the safety field. We hope you enjoy this video we created to thank YOU for all of the ways you’ve contributed to making our year wonderful. Feel free to share this videos with other people you want to thank in the safety community.