Health and safety in the workplace seems like a regular discussion for those working on a construction site, in a large warehouse, or within manufacturing. However, there are many places where workplace safety is a huge issue, and requires equal attention and focus. Some of these unusual places with workplace safety needs are zoos, museums and art galleries, malls and hotels.

Although these workplaces may be more unusual due to the nature of various jobs offered, they each have unique safety hazards that can teach other industries some valuable lessons about workplace safety.


One of the most common concerns in a hotel work environment is slips, trips, and falls. Hotels try to alleviate this issue with signs indicating wet floors. Kitchen spaces try to utilize anti-fatigue matting. However, MEGAComfort unique patented dual layer memory foam insoles were designed by Podiatrist, Dr. Kevan Orvitz, to serve as personal anti-fatigue mats that consistently prevent slips trips and falls. Read more about the workplace safety training suggestions for hotels, here

Hotels consistently teach us that processes are important. Think about a freshly made hotel bed. You have a perfectly made plush bed, with 4 or more pillows, displaying delicious chocolates or mints. Now, think about the process that occurred to get the room in this idyllic state. When you break down the stuffing of the pillows, the movement that needs to occur on each floor, you can see that hotels implement many processes to prevent workplace injury. To learn more about the importance of hotel processes, click here

Retail & Malls

Shopping malls can make you think of many things, gifts for friends and family, crowded parking lots, or leisurely window shopping. They may not make you think about ergonomics. However, if you work at a mall, or for a retailer, ergonomics are the key to a safer workplace. Taking a closer look at retail ergonomic management of workplace safety can be a strong example of safety mindfulness in every industry. Read more about safety in retail here. 

Museums and Art Galleries

Museums and art galleries may seem like the safest places to work. Thoughts of these types of workplaces, may make you recall memories of open spaces with artwork displayed neatly on the wall. Although these buildings are home to beautiful works of art, the supportive operations needed to maintain them require a lot of work, movement, and require attention towards workplace safety.

Employees are often expected to lift priceless works of art, in tight spaces. These movements require an understanding of ergonomics. Much like art itself, museums and art galleries hold more than meets the eye within workplace safety. There is so much each industry can learn from this unusual work environment.


Working at a zoo is obviously unique, due to the various issues workers can face in this multifaceted workplace. First, there is animal health and safety which can affect the employees health and safety. Zoos are a fascinating place to examine workplace safety and culture. Whether you’re examining enclosure rules and regulations, keeping zoo guests safe, or general workplace safety applications, zoos have a wealth of workplace safety education. 

Working Together

Regardless of how unusual your workplace may be, there is one thing that remains true, we all must work together and learn from one another to build a strong workplace community. Each industry has it’s own challenges. Learning from one another, we have the unique ability to readdress our own workplace challenges with fresh solutions to older obstacles.

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