Hiking is a great way to enjoy nature while getting some exercise

Hiking is a great sport that allows people to enjoy the beauty of nature while getting some exercise. It is a sport that can be done just about anywhere, and there are many places where special hiking trails are designated just for the purpose of hiking. Several hiking organizations and clubs exist in order to support people who are interested in hiking, and many groups organize events for people to hike in social groups.

Hiking risks may be minimized by using proper equipment

Hiking is one of the safest sports you can do, but it does have some risks. Some of the “proper equipment” a hiker may need these days might include a cell phone and some pepper spray, but for the purpose of this article, let’s focus on the common injuries to the feet, ankles and knees. A hiker may face injuries including:


Insect bites

Being hit by a car


Calluses and/or corns

Ingrown toenails (may also become infected)

Morton’s Neuroma (nerve damage on the ball of the foot)

Arthritis of the foot and/or ankle

Complications to diabetes (a diabetic’s feet are more prone to damage and take longer to heal)

Fallen arches

Athlete’s Foot and other bacterial or fungal infections


Heel pain

Sprains or strains

A good pair of hiking boots along with a high-quality pair of hiking insoles can prevent or minimize most of the foot problems listed above by reducing the shock to the feet and joints and adding stabilization.

What to look for in a good pair of hiking insoles

When looking for a good pair of hiking insoles, you will want to keep a few important things in mind. Your hiking insoles should fit comfortably inside your hiking boots. They should feel like a part of the boot itself. In addition, you want insoles that are made of the latest high tech material, such as dual layered memory foam, to allow maximum shock absorption without taking up a lot of room in your boot.

Also, be sure to look for insoles that they are resistant to bacteria, mold and fungus. Wearing a good set of hiking insoles will provide shock absorption that helps to prevent fatigue and improve your foot comfort. A good set of hiking insoles can also help improve your coordination and balance, which will make hiking more enjoyable while reducing the risk of injury.


Hiking is a great way to enjoy nature while getting some exercise. Hiking injuries do occur and stress and strain on the feet can lead to problems throughout the body. The use of high quality hiking insoles and a good pair of hiking boots can help prevent foot strain and a multitude of agonizing foot, skin, knee and lower back problems. A high quality insole will be constructed from modern materials that can absorb shock while providing improved coordination and comfort. High-quality insoles ought to be resistant to bacteria, mold and fungi.

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