Hockey is a dangerous game

Hockey is, without question, one of the most physically aggressive sports played in the professional arena. As the old joke, “I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out”, illustrates the only sports where you will see more violence are combat sports such as boxing. Add to this the added element of wearing sharp blades on their feet and skating around on ice in a freezing cold area and you will begin to understand why hockey players are at a constant risk of all types of injuries. Common injuries on the ice range from broken bones to knocked out teeth to various cuts and abrasions. The feet aren’t exempt from the ravages of the game either. The cold temperatures, lack of circulation in the skates, merciless pressure on the heels and the tight lacings at the ankle can all result in foot injury and pain. Not to mention the fact that hockey players do a lot of their skating on the outside and inside edges of their skates, which puts an unnatural pressure load on these parts of the foot.

Protective equipment is vital

Common sense requires hockey players to wear protective equipment literally from head to toe. Modern hockey equipment includes such items as helmets, face guards, elbow pads, knee pads, chest protectors, wrist guards, shin guards, ankle guards the list seems to go on forever. One thing that should not be overlooked due to the strain that ice hockey skates put on the feet is the protection that is needed there. A quality pair of hockey insoles is absolutely vital to protect the feet from the wear and tear they will experience out on the ice.

How hockey insoles help a player

A good set of hockey insoles will fit perfectly inside of the hockey skates and actually improve the fit of the skates. They should be made from a material that helps improve foot balancereduce pressure points and helps eliminate all types of foot pain. A quality material such as dual layered memory foam will accomplish all this and more. The right set of hockey insoles will also be resistant to bacteria and fungus, this is especially important for hockey because the skates allow very little air flow. Wearing a good pair of hockey insoles will help a player avoid pain and fatigue much less easily allowing them to focus more fully on their game.


Hockey is a very dangerous sport that involves a lot of physical aggression and a high risk of injury to all areas of the body including the feet. The use of proper protective equipment such as helmets, face guards, shin guards, etc can help to reduce these risks. Using a high quality set of hockey insoles will help protect the hockey player’s feet from injuries and reduce the foot fatigue he or she might otherwise encounter. A good set of hockey insoles will be made from high quality dual layered memory foam that will protect and comfort the feet while resisting bacteria and fungus. Avoiding injuries will make the game more enjoyable for players and spectators alike.

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