If you’re a parent, you know that sometimes certain discussions can be overwhelming. There is so much information, education, and wise advice to give to your children. Workplace safety is definitely not the most glamorous or seemingly exciting conversation you can engage in with you children. However, it’s very important for your kids and yourself, that a dialogue is formed.

The best time to start talking to kids about workplace safety, is when they are young. Although, it’s never too early or too late to start talking. You may be wondering, “Why does my kid need to know about workplace safety? They’re in grade school!”. Well, they may not be working in construction or in an office, but being safety minded will help them stay safe in school while teaching them about their rights and responsibilities as future workers.

Talking about workplace safety with your kids, also helps you create new conversations with your kids. The best way to keep a child engaged, is to give them real stories. Maybe you have some examples from your workplace, or maybe a recent news article can prompt a more exciting conversation. Either way, it’s a wonderful opportunity to give your children real examples of workplace hazards. Together, you can discuss what steps could be made in the future to avoid accidents. You may be surprised by the wonderful solutions they come up with!

These discussion exercises will also help you learn about and support your children’s dreams. On the other hand, older kids unsure of what they want to do professionally, might find better guidance from these discussions. Regardless of age, talking about workplace safety and mindfulness can help you remind your children of the endless possibilities and goals they can accomplish.

A strong sense of self comes from knowledge and confidence. These are tools you can give your children long before they are enter the workforce. Not only do safety conversations help children develop a sense of responsibility and mindfulness, but it makes them better candidates for their eventual dream job because you’ve already provided them with the ability to safely think two steps ahead.

At MEGAComfort we encourage our team to engage in these conversations with their families. Through engaging in conversations about workplace safety in our personal lives, it helps us find solutions in our professional careers. Workplace safety affects people at all ages, in different types of jobs, and having discussions with our children about workplace safety can only create a safer future for them and their communities.