Hammertoes can be very painful. The best thing you can do for hammertoes is wear orthotics with your shoes. Orthotics can help treat and prevent problems associated with hammertoes. 

Hammertoe is also known as mallet toe and is primarily caused by wearing the wrong types of shoes. If your shoes are too tight or if you wear high-heeled shoes for long periods of time then you are at risk of hammertoe developing. This is because your toes will be pushed forward while you walk. Your toes are too crowded. Your toes need to be able to lie flat when you walk. They should not be crunched up in shoes and not have enough space.

The reason hammertoe has its name is because when toes are scrunched in a shoe that is too tight, the result is a toe that bends upward in the middle and curls down in a hammer shape. The symptoms you will notice when you begin to develop hammertoe is a claw or hammer shaped toe or also a shape of a mallet. One of the toes may begin to look deformed and shaped improperly. Corns and calluses can also develop on the toes that rub against the shoes. People who develop hammertoe can be in a lot of pain. It may also be difficult to move the toes around also.

Orthotics can help eliminate the pain associated with hammertoe once it has developed. This is because it will be difficult for you to walk if you have hammertoe. You also might have problems with the entire movement of your foot if the symptoms and the pain is too severe. Orthotics will provide cushioning for your feet and take away some of the pain associated with walking around.

Orthotics can help with symptoms of hammertoe and help with the healing of the problem. They can prevent hammertoe also if you wear shoes that are proper for your feet. Orthotics cannot fix or prevent hammertoe if you continue to wear shoes that are too small for your feet or that don’t provide enough space for your toes to lie flat.

Hammertoe is caused by wearing shoes that are terrible for your feet. Orthotics can provide cushioning and help heal hammertoe. You need to be aware though that if you continue to wear the improper shoes then you will only make it worse. Taking care of your feet is extremely important.