Jogging has numerous benefits both physically and mentally

Advocates of jogging will tell you that it is the perfect sport. Jogging has been linked with numerous health benefits including increased endurance, improved cardiovascular health and increased capillary strength. Jogging is commonly recognized for its capacity to release special hormones known as endorphins that give you a natural high and help to relieve stress.

Jogging is especially helpful for those who want to lose weight or who are trying to maintain a healthy weight, and it also helps improve bone density. Since jogging burns a lot of calories, joggers can enjoy more food without worrying about their weight. Most joggers also claim to be much happier and more at ease with their lives and tend to sleep better than the average person.

Jogging also has some risks

The benefits are so numerous and so important that many people forget that there is a downside to jogging. The downside is the risk of injury that every jogger faces. In fact, if a jogger does not take proper precautions such as proper stretching, wearing well made jogging shoes (and replacing them often) along with a high quality jogging insole, they are almost certain to invite some sort of injury. Injuries typically involve strains, sprains and pulls of the muscles and tendons in the feet, ankles, shins and calves. Some of the injuries that joggers are prone to can take years to fully manifest, like inner ear damage and dropping of internal organs that can lead to incontinence for women.

Truthfully, the importance of a good set of shock absorbing jogging insoles cannot be emphasized enough. That thin piece of high tech “equipment” that you slip into your shoes has the ability to decrease the wear and tear that jogging can otherwise do to your feet, ankles, knees and internal organs, and help you keep your focus on the benefits of jogging.

Good jogging insoles are invaluable

The first thing to look for in a good set of jogging insoles is that they should fit comfortably into your jogging shoes. They should include the right amount of arch support for your feet. A good jogging insole should be made of high quality, high-tech materials, like dual layered memory foam that contracts and rebounds as you jog to provide shock absorption and prevent fatigue. The high quality materials of the good jogging insole should also be resistant to moisture, bacteria and fungus.


Jogging has many health benefits, including increased cardiovascular capacity, weight loss, stress relief and increasing bone density. The risks of jogging include sprains, strains and muscle or tendon pulls, and more serious and lasting risks, such as incontinence and inner ear damage. Wearing a high quality pair of jogging insoles can help to reduce the shock to the feet, ankles, knees and internal organs, keeping the jogger much safer and healthier. A good set of jogging insoles will be made of high-tech materials that are bacteria and fungus resistant. These insoles will greatly reduce the stress of impact to decrease the risk of injury and make jogging more pleasurable.

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