A few weeks before Labor Day, the MEGAComfort team was discussing ways that we could give back to the safety community. We decided to have a contest focusing on sharing stories about the hardest worker you know.

Never could we have imagined the response we would receive. As the contest began, comments and stories started rolling in and we were honored that each person candidly shared stories of their hardest worker, their heroes. We received 359 entries, and we read each and every one.

We’ve learned about mothers, fathers, fiancés, girlfriends, daughters, sons, friends, and in-laws. Through your stories, we learned about what hard work really means. Whether you shared stories about roofers, chefs, mechanics, people working multiples jobs, including those working in the fields and factories. We learned that so many of or your hard workers are persevering, continuing to work through severe illness or disability, and you taught us that hard work truly stems from passion and love. Love for you, love for your family.

When we had the idea to create this contest we knew we would hear stories about people giving their all each day. Yet, we learned so much more than we expected. We hope that your hard worker feels the appreciation that we read in each of your comments. In our eyes, each person we learned about is a MEGAWinner and truly an inspiration to the entire workplace safety community. 

Another amazing thing happened during this contest that we didn’t foresee and that is the cheer and gratitude people gave to fellow commenters. We were honored that people would thank us for putting the contest together, but we were so touched and moved when we saw people cheering other commenters on! We believe that is what makes our community so special, we are all in it together and we are proud to continually cheer on our hard workers together.  

We’d like to give a MEGACongratulations to the winner of the contest, Randi Jean Cook, from Monroe, Michigan! Thank you for being a part of our contest and for sharing who the hardest worker you know is. We wish we could revisit and share all 359 stories, instead we’re going to share a couple of your stories that truly moved our team and really drove home the meaning of determination, passion, handwork, and ultimately love. 

“My father, Gary Coates is the hardest worker, I know, he is 71 years old and is an Officer for Livingston Parish in Louisiana. He has worked for them for over 20 years and before that worked in a factory working 40 hrs +overtime. In the past 20 years that he has been a officer he always volunteers for all the detail extra jobs, that need officers for any events. As it stands today, he is working 12+ hours every day and every weekend due to the flooding that recently occurred in the Livingston area of Louisiana. During the flooding, instead of worrying about himself and saving anything he had, he went to work, to help the people. One of those days he left, he lost everything he has worked so hard for, but yet that didn’t stop him from continuing to do his job, as an officer, even spent hours with rescue teams going in the flooded areas on boats getting people out. Today, he has no home, and still goes to work and is organizing help for others and still working 12+ hours to do his job and then working on his home to rebuild. He is by far the kindest and strongest willed, hard working man I know. God bless everything he does.”

• A. McDougle 

“My husband is the hardest working man I know! Shortly after we were married 18 years ago I developed an autoimmune disease that forced me into disbility retirement at the age of 37. He has had to work extra hard to make up the loss of my income. He currently works two jobs and can work as many as 80 hrs a week!! He is exhuasted much of the time and doesn’t get nearly the amount of sleep needed to maintain his health. If that’s not enough, he also donated a kidney to a stranger so that i could receive one in return (from the woman’s husband)!! He helped me raise my daughters, does most of the laundry, does all of the yard work and will cook and do housework!! I honestly don’t know how he functions sometimes with the lack of sleep. He is my hero and definitely the hardest working man I know!!”

L. Karsten , Michigan

“My boyfriend is the hardest worker I know. I became ill in October of last year with a chronic condition(s) that made it extremely difficult to walk, stand, sit.. pretty much anything my job required. I was forced to take a medical leave that was not covered under FMLA. Shortly after that I lost my position at work. Since that time my boyfriend has not only been emotionally supportive and by my side every chance he could. He got a second job so that we don’t loose our house, our everything. We still didnt make enough, he works three jobs now, two during the weekdays and one on the weekend to keep us a float. Without him by my side I probably would have not fought hard to not give in to my illness and my depression. Without him I would have let the wheelchair they placed me in 3 months ago be the defeating moment. The moment to give up. He gives me strength when I need it and has helped me adjust to life in a wheelchair. Without him, we wouldn’t have a roof over our head, we wouldnt have food on the table. Without him I wouldn’t be this strong even with loosing my mobility. He works so hard to provide for us both and not even these words can express exactly how grateful I am to have him by my side. He’s my best friend and my soulmate. He’s the hardest worker I know.. and there are so many like us. I wish everyone the best of luck with this giveaway.”

S. Gittins, Pennsylvania 

“The hardest worker I know is my Dad, Luther Carr. He worked his butt off all hours of the day and night providing for his 3 girls while we were growing up and still today at 79 years old works his butt off. For one he keeps my old car running even though its about on its last leg but also he takes care of my mother 24 hours a day. She has leukemia and anemia (but doing good in remission), the medicine she is on has diminished her memory almost as bad as alzheimers or dementia. He maintains their household, housekeeping, laundry, meals, etc throughout the week until I can come on the weekend to help him. He keeps their yard up, keeps mom’s flowerbeds beautiful, and takes care of their animals. He has a lot of health problems himself, Atrial fibrillation, COPD, severe arthritis, and pain in his feet and legs but he keeps trudging along still taking care of his family.”

C. Carr 

“The hardest worker I know would be my dad! He raised 2 daughters full time from baby to adult as a single parent. He would work nights so we wouldn’t even know he was gone so he could be home during the day with us. Later in my teen years he would work from sun up to sun down 6-7 days a week as a heavy equipment mechanic. He still made time to show up to every school function and even volunteered to help out with our Girl Scout troop! He did all of this with a medical disability that had doctors warning him he would end up paralyzed if he didn’t slow down and work a desk job. Now THAT is a hard worker!!!”

Again, we thank each and everyone of you for taking part in this years contest. We are also excited to announce that we will repeat this contest next year, with different prizes and more MEGAOpportunities to WINMEGA! We look forward to continuing to learn more about the hardest workers you know, and continue appreciating all of those workers that inspire us daily!