SWEEPSTAKES UPDATE: This sweepstakes is now closed. The winner has been selected and announced here! You can also watch the drawing here.

Take a moment and look around your workplace, or think about those you work with each day. Is there someone on your team, or a person that you work with, that goes above and beyond to make your workplace better?

As Labor Day approaches, MEGAComfort wants to honor those that represent the essence of this wonderful holiday. Labor Day was created as a tribute to American workers that demonstrate honorable qualities, such as strength, determination and perseverance. If there is someone in your workplace that represents the core values of Labor Day, that stands out for promoting good team work, inspiring the excellence in others, fosters an atmosphere thats conducive for workplace wellness, or just happens to be the hardest worker you know we want to hear about it! 

MEGAComfort Inc. wants to know more about your experience. This Labor Day weekend, we’re honoring you and your workplace hero with a special sweepstakes. All you have to do to enter is comment on the sweepstakes post! One lucky winner will receive 10 MEGAComfort insoles to share with family and friends AND $500 to a National Sporting Goods Retailer. You can take part in this sweepstakes from September 4-12. We look forward to hearing about you and your hardworking team! 

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