Love your Feet

A loving relationship is established with support, devotion, hard work, and generosity. This sentiment is true for a friendship, budding romance, and of course…your feet. Whether you realize it or not, your feet you give this love and support on a daily basis. Today is Valentines Day and what better way could we celebrate this day of love, than talking about our favorite subject…foot support.

It’s easy to let this relationship take a backseat to others in your life. They are just there for us and it’s easy to forget they also need a little love. Just think about all the hard work they do to keep you going each and every day. They are supporting your legs, back, neck and body.

Spending just a few minutes a day on foot care can reduce your risk of developing foot problems and disabilities. Here are few tips to show your feet some love:


This sounds a little obvious but how much shower time do your feet actually get? We don’t just mean standing there and letting them get wet, we mean actually washing in between your toes. Just like your mom would remind you to wash behind your ears, it’s time to remember your toes. Once out of the shower, make sure your feet are completely dry before putting socks and shoes on. Keeping your feet dry will help you avoid odor, bacteria, and fungus.

If you live in a colder climate and struggle to keep your feet sweat free during the day, try our MEGASock. Not only are they extremely comfortable but they release moisture, while responding to the temperature of your body. (Insert link to MEGASock).

Soak up the Love

Want to give your feet a little extra love? Simply use warm water and a liquid soap and let your feet soak it up.

Lock in the Love

Once you’ve cleaned your feet, or given them a good soak, don’t let that moisture disappear. Instead, moisturize your feet after washing them. This is very important, especially during the winter because that cold weather can take a toll on the health of your skin.


Support is the pillar of any successful relationship. Show your feet you’ve got them comfortably supported with MEGAComfort insoles. (insert link) Our unique and patented, dual layer memory foam insoles are clinically designed to reduce pain and fatigue with every step. Now that’s a lot of love and support in one very simple solution. Simply take out the thin manufacturer insole that comes in your shoe and swap it with one of our many supportive, cushioned, and comfortable insoles.

We hope you and your loved ones (including your feet) have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. For more information about how to take good care of your feet, take a look at some of these other great informative articles:

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