If there is one day we’re excited to celebrate it’s Massage Therapy Week. This week the National Massage Therapy Association celebrates a week dedicated to raising awareness and encouraging people to use massage therapy to reduce stress and improve their health.

As you’ve learned from our other blogs, we’re passionate about health and wellness. At MEGAComfort we advocate for staying active and taking care of yourself. Although massage therapy is often seen as an indulgence it can be extremely beneficial. Getting a massage can reduce anxiety, relieve headaches, and relieve injury pain.

Taking time for yourself to recharge your battery, improve your wellbeing physically and mentally is extremely important. It’s a critical piece to maintaining and increasing your overall healthfulness.

Still need convincing to take some time for yourself? Here’s a list of 25 reasons to get a massage


Massage therapists dedicate their time to helping people relax, increasing their healthfulness, and improving their wellbeing. They spend countless hours on their feet, with little time to rest. If you’re a massage therapist we want to thank you for all of the hard work you do to give others a time for inner peace. Spending all day on your feet is tough on your body, it can negatively affect your knees, hips and back.

MEGAComfort insoles are clinically designed by Podiatrist, Dr. Kevan Orvitz. They are made of dual layer 100% memory foam and are proven to reduce pain and fatigue. While you’re on your feet helping others, MEGAComfort insoles are under your feet, giving you the cushioning and support you need to keep going with more energy.

Speaking of needing a massage, our Hardest Worker Nominees really deserve some TLC. If you haven’t heard about these remarkable individuals, now is the perfect time to read their stories and vote for the Hardest Worker. You’ll hear about these incredible people who have dedicated their lives to supporting their loved ones here. Take a moment and vote, you’ll be showing your appreciation for their MEGA hard work!