When your passion is making the best Dual Layer 100% memory foam insoles on the planet, then any holiday about taking care of your feet quickly becomes one of your favorite celebrations!

Today is Measure Your Feet Day! This may sound like a highly unlikely holiday, but not only is it real (feel free to google it) but it’s truly is one worth celebrating. Although there are different stories to explain the origin of this holiday, one thing is clear, it’s a really good day to talk about your feet!

First, when was the last time you measured your feet? Instantly, some of us think of our parents telling us how to measure our feet in the shoe store. Wasn’t it exciting to watch your feet grow as you got older? We share your enthusiasm. However, the excitement doesn’t have to stop there because today you get to measure your feet again!

Seriously though, did you know your feet can still change sizes even though you stop growing? Your body weight and the muscle definition of your feet can impact the size of your feet years beyond your growth changing. It truly is a good idea to measure your feet every year to make sure you’re wearing the right size shoe.

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association almost 80% of Americans have experienced foot pain or foot pain related problems in their life. That’s a lot of people, suffering from a lot of pain. This is just one of the reasons that Dr. Kevan Orvitz decided to create MEGAComfort insoles.

Dr. Orvitz is a Podiatrist with over 15 years of experience throughout the world. His studies in biomechanics and the human body, coupled with experience working in an automotive plan working on his feet, inspired him to create an insole that is ergonomically and clinically designed to reduce pain and fatigue. Dr. Orvitz created MEGAComfort Insoles with the sole purpose of alleviating and preventing foot pain for people that work on their feet all day.

Not only is it important to have proper fitting shoes (you can read more here), but it’s equally important to make sure your shoes are properly supporting your feet. MEGAComfort insoles will make you feel like you’re walking on air (or at least that’s what our customers say!).

Want to Measure Your Feet? Here’s How:

1. Take a regular sheet of 8.5×11 paper.

2. Place the piece of paper on the floor.

3. Take one foot and stand on the piece of paper. Stand up tall!

4. Take a pencil or pen and make a mark at the edge of your heel.

5. Make another mark at the edge of your toe

6. Mark the sides of your feet at the widest point.

7. Write down which foot you’re measuring and make sure you repeat on the other foot.

8. Take a ruler and measure in inches, from heel to toe.

9. Use your measurement to determine your foot size.

You can reference this chart and directions in case you need more help.

If you’re still unsure about how to properly measure your feet, we’ve got you covered. We created the MEGASteps ™ Footwear and Insole Advisor to ensure everyone can accurately measure their feet and find the perfect footwear and insoles to enhance their overall healthfulness. This revolutionary technology, utilizes digital tech scanning to analyze your foot size and arch type and then recommends the best insole for each individual. The result is an extraordinary experience that will properly match employees with the ideal safety footwear and MEGAComfort insoles and will ultimately increase health, wellness, and productivity.

Now that you have your foot size, are you the same as what you thought you were? If you’re ready to add comfort and support, while reducing pain and fatigue with every step, you can use your measurements to order MEGAComfort insoles here.