We’ve just wrapped up our 2018 Hardest Worker Contest. This annual event took place
over Labor Day, as our own special way to honor those who exemplify dedication,
generosity, and hard work within their workplace, community and home. It’s only fitting
that this contest ended just before Thanksgiving, a time when our nation celebrations
appreciation and gratitude. Ultimately, that is what our Hardest Worker Contest is about,
people across the country sharing heartfelt appreciation for those who touch their lives
through their acts of perseverance and determination.

This year we received numerous stories about hard workers sacrificing themselves to
make the lives of those around them better. The MEGAComfort team continues to be
inspired and motivated by these selfless individuals.

Out of ten finalists, we had three winners. Our third place winner, John Tucker,
nominated by Meg Tucker, works 10-12 hour days in a physically demanding job without
complaining. When his town was threatened by flooding, John jumped into action
helping neighbors and his community. In his spare time, John gives back by
volunteering his time with Autistic children, teaching them how to play guitar.

In second place, Brent Wilmot, nominated by Andrew Varn, is a dedicated and devoted
teacher. Not only does Brent inspire his classmates, but he is a source of inspiration to
other faculty members. Referred too often as a hero, he has comforted children dealing
with losses in their family, taught them how to tie their shoes, and stopped bloody
noses. He always goes out of his way to help his students and community.

Our grand prize and first place winner, Rogers Blanco, nominated by his wife Denise
Blanco. He works 12 hour long days, 6 days a week as a garbage truck driver in South
Carolina. Always going out of his way to help others, he often picks up additional shifts.
When his community was hit by a hurricane, Rogers jumped into action. An amazing
worker and community member, Rogers also prioritizes his family. After his son suffered
brain injuries during birth and had to stay in the NICU, four hours away from their home.
Rogers made sure, even after a 12 hour shift, that he and his wife visit their son.
Each of these incredible individuals motivates our team to work hard with the same
spirit. Every finalist shared in these wonderful qualities and we’re glad America voted on
the winners, because we definitely couldn’t decide!

You can read more about our finalists here.

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