Here at MEGAComfort we produce the best quality insoles and orthotics for our hard working customers. We took this approach and applied it to produce a higher quality website. You may recall we re-launched our site less than a year ago. However, our commitment to excellence motivated us to update and create a newer and fresher website. The re-launch of will change the way you view our brand.

We are excited to share our new website, since we developed it with you in mind. The entire site uses responsive design, allowing for a highly optimized user experience. You can now seamlessly view it on a mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer. Have a question about products, where to buy insoles, or want to reach out to us? No problem. Those menu options are easy to find as you peruse our website, as you browse our website, the menu follows you as you go.

Our updated responsive design allows the site to fit to which ever screen it is being viewed on. The easy to navigate homepage offers more information about MEGAComfort than ever before. Easily browse our product line, where to buy, view testimonials, catch up on recent blog posts, and learn about the technology behind every MEGAComfort insole and orthotic. We have clearly outlined the testing and research with our insole and orthotic pilot test programs and clinical studies. Here you can read full reports of the programs results as well as a comparison study.

Our product section offers an in-depth analysis of each of our current products for sale including our MEGASole, MULTI-Thotic, Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat and more! Here you will be able to match your specific needs to one of our uniquely designed insoles and orthotics. Learn about the corporate benefits, testing and research for individual insole and orthotic produced by MEGAComfort.

Our free sample form is something we are proud to offer our North American clients. Eligibility for this exclusive free offer is available to safety professionals, ergonomic consultants, industry distributors, medical clinics, medical product distributors and footwear retailers.

We appreciate our local and greater workplace safety communities and feel honored to be able to give back through various volunteer and charity efforts. You can learn more about our commitment to our community through the MEGACares page.

At MEGAComfort we are passionate about empowering people by giving them the ability to protect their safety, reduce fatigue, and enjoy a more comfortable and productive day, through wearing our insoles. During this process, it’s important that we create a working environment for our employees that reflects these goals. You can learn more about our company wide efforts to increase productivity, lower stress, and promote healthfulness in the workplace on our blog.

Redesigning our website, with you in mind, has been a pleasure. We are thrilled to put a more cutting-edge website into your hands. If you are interested in sharing any comments or suggestions, we would love to hear from you, here.

About MEGAComfort

I have spent over ten years researching, testing and designing the MEGAComfort insoles and orthotics. As a practicing Podiatrist with over 20 years of experience, I have studied all aspects of biomechanics and the human body with a focus on how it relates to the lower extremities and feet. I truly value building and maintaining personal relationships with customers in order to make the MEGAComfort brand stand above the rest and am committed to continuing this outstanding tradition.

Dr. Kevan Orvitz

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