At MEGAComfort we share a lot of information on social media about creating an office space that enhances or allows for greater productivity. We continue to share information about workplace safety, productivity, and design because we believe in investing in your employees, for greater professional and personal success.

In an effort to create a more enjoyable and productive workplace, we switched to a LED lighting system because it is better for the environment and for our employees. LED lights are extremely efficient, last longer, reduce CO2 emissions, and reduce power bills.

More importantly, LED lights positively affect your employee’s health. Research shows that LED bulbs can help combat SAD (seasonal affective disorder) because it replicates natural daylight. They can also increase employee motivation, concentration, energy, and help balance overall mood, which is why they are utilized in hospitals, health centers, and schools.

Other lighting systems have been known to cause chronic fatigue, headaches, depression, body aches, memory loss, confusion, and can even impair sleep. As you can see, switching to LED lighting can only positively impact your employees, workplace, and office culture. We want to give a big thank you to David Ackerman of LEDdirect Inc. Both David and LEDdirect were thorough, and ensured our warehouse was sufficiently lit. They made sure our office and warehouse were energy efficient, while providing lighting levels that would allow for increased productivity and lower work-related fatigue.