The entire MEGAComfort team would like to extend a MEGACongratulations to Maya Kassab at Traverse City West Senior High School for winning $4000 + insoles for her team, family and friends! It’s an honor to show our appreciation for teachers like you that work tirelessly for future generations.

Maya shared how selfless, supportive, and giving her team of teachers is. She wrote, “Our team of teachers stands out because we are ferociously unwilling to let a student in our classes fail or be unsuccessful! We employ early interventions to make sure that when our students start high school, they are given every opportunity to succeed and actually be a part of the school. If we see a student struggling emotionally, socially, or academically, our team of teachers swoops right in to offer our guidance and make sure our students have their needs met. As a team, we make ourselves available before school, at lunch, and after school to help students. We are known to be one of the most caring team of teachers and set our standards high for our students. We also set our standards high for ourselves as teachers and we support one another professionally. Three of the teachers on our team are on our school’s leadership team, one of our members is an Administration Intern this year, our math teacher was voted locally as the best math teacher in the region, and yearly we have each received the coveted teacher of the week award. All of us on our team are committed to not only being the best in our classrooms, but also doing all we can to make our school community the best it can be.

When we work together, we have an incredible synergy! We work very closely with one another to the point that we consider each other family. My team of teachers and I are so close that we have group activities we do outside of school socially because we are not only colleagues, we are genuinely friends who care deeply for one another. It is this incredible closeness that allows us to be a highly effective group of freshmen teachers. We teach together, celebrate together, and we make sure that we take care of each other.”

Maya and her team are truly deserving of the grand prize of $4000 + insoles. We are humbled and honored to share their story with you and we hope to hear your story next year for our 3rd Annual Labor Day Hardest Worker Contest and Sweepstakes!

Don’t forget, you can help someone WINMEGA by voting for the Hardest Working Individual here. Our 6 Finalists were announced this week. Your vote will help choose the Grand Prize winner of this Contest who will  win $2000 + insoles!  The deadline for voting is November 3rd and we will announce the Winner live on Facebook the week of November 13th.