The Centre for Research in Occupational Safety and Health (CROSH) has a unique vision, where workplaces join forces to ensure that workers travel to work safely, and live healthier lives. Students at CROSH are actively studying and seeking innovative solutions to pressing problems facing industries such as mining, natural resources, and healthcare with hopes of eliminating occupational disease and injury from the workplace.

MEGAComfort prides itself on being agents of change. We actively create a healthy work culture with fitness courses in the office, exercise equipment at our employees disposal, and constantly look for ways to improve the workplace for our employees. Whether we are installing new LED light fixtures to reduce fogginess, fatigue, and headaches or hold a pilates class in our office, we are striving to prevent injury and increase healthfulness and productivity. 

It only makes sense that we as a company would support CROSH and their mission to find innovative solutions to problems that affect workers across Canada and the globe, which is why we have joined forces and created the MEGAComfort scholarship. One graduate student is awarded this scholarship so that they may better contribute to their studies, courses, and attain their dreams with needed financial assistance.

As a company that promotes safety in the workplace, it is important that we join our local community and the greater safety community to support one another and generate solutions together. Safety in the workplace is a tremendous issue. Supporting our employees, and your employees is our mission. 

More importantly, we do not share the MEGAComfort Scholarship with you to pat ourselves on the back. It is our hope that by reaching out into the community, supporting students, engaging in the discussion of workplace safety and health, that we encourage other companies to do the same. As leaders in the industry, it is important that we acknowledge and foster the future leaders of health and safety.

Click here, to learn more about CROSH and the MEGAComfort Scholarship. If you have questions about this scholarship or any MEGAComfort work initiatives, contact us here