New technology is making workplaces around the world safer each and every day. MEGAComfort prides itself as an ergonomic company utilizing technology to advance workplace safety. Our insoles are made of a technologically advanced material,  dual layer 100% memory foam, which reacts to the natural temperature of the body and molds around the foot.

We are now able to drive our technological spirit further with the introduction of our MEGASteps ™ Footwear and Insole Advisor. This revolutionary technology, adds digital tech scanning to analyze your foot size and arch type and then recommends the best insole for each individual. The result is an extraordinary experience that will properly match employees with the ideal safety footwear and MEGAComfort insoles and will ultimately increase health, wellness, and productivity.

MEGASteps Overview

  • SCANS the foot in less than one minute
  • ANALYZES the foot size and arch type
  • RECOMMENDS the safety footwear and insoles for each employee to provide the best level of support and cushioning
  • Perfectly suited for retail and end client facilities
  • Easy to use self-sufficient interactive technology
  • Recommends more than MEGAComfort products, suggests safety footwear based on the individual’s foot size and arch type
  • Turnkey solution, it’s easy to set up and there is limited assembly required 

Benefits of the Advisor 

  • Elevates the importance of choosing the correct footwear and insoles and provides educational value removing the guesswork from the footwear and insole decision.

  • Offers the ability for safety product footwear distributors to incorporate specific footwear attributes including toe type, electrical type, slip resistant, puncture resistant, insulating and more.

  • In less than 1 minute recommends selected footwear and insoles for each employee based on foot size and arch type from a company/distributor specific catalog.

  • Delivers objective and actionable results that will accelerate the selection decision.

  • Provides distributors and their end clients an employee database including key data points such as gender and department that can be referenced for ease of ordering footwear, insoles and replacements.

  • Provides the ability to store employee data that can be easily accessed and analyzed to drive both footwear and insole repeat business.

  • Saves time and reduces footwear exchanges.

  • For end clients, increases health, wellness and employee productivity by providing the employee with the best level of footwear support and cushioning.

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