Our team

Dr. Kevan Orvitz

Founder and President, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine

  • Dr. Kevan of course loves all of the MEGAComfort Insoles equally, which he personally designed based on over 25 years of biomechanical experience. That being said, he has an extra special place in his heart for his “first born”, the Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat (PAM) Insole.
  • To stay healthy, Kevan enjoys aerobic and resistance training. 
  • Kevan’s guilty pleasure is eating way too much fresh fruit.

Barbara Orvitz


  • Barbara really loves her MULTI-Thotic MEGAComfort insoles because her foot requires a firm and higher arch support. She loves the comfort and support of the dual layer memory foam insole base, and likes that she can wear them in her work and active shoes. 
  • Barbara’s guilty pleasure is being an avid tea lover. You’ll never see her with out a fresh cup! 

Matt Karvonen

Strategic Account Manager

  •  Matt’s favorite MEGAComfort product is the MEGASole. It helps give him the support he needs at trade shows and fits perfectly in his dress shoes!
  • Matt has a hard time getting to the gym after a long day. As a morning person, he often goes a walk or will do a stair climb in his building before work. 
  • Black licorice has always been Matt’s family’s guilty pleasure…and he’s not one to change tradition.

W. Daniel Grossman

Key Account Manager

  • To stay healthy Daniel spends a lot of time chasing his two little girls.
  • Daniel’s guilty pleasures are the fruits of Cuban soil…cigars and rum! 

Sarthak Sharma

Sr. Brand Marketing Manager

  • Sarthak loves wearing his MEGASole, he believes it’s an everyday comfort essential, like his sneakers.

  • Sarthak is always in on a journey to achieve an active lifestyle. He believes his gym membership will always makes that journey longer.
  • Sarthak’s guilty pleasure is beer, beer and beer!

Brad Fuller

Graphic Design - Consultant

  • Brad really enjoys an active lifestyle. He enjoys running, golfing, snowboarding and surfing. All of these activities keep him very busy and healthy!
  • Brad’s guilty pleasure are the 3 B’s…burgers, bacon, and beer! 

Angela He


  • Angela’s favorite MEGAComfort insole is MEGASole. It provides comfort in all shoes and all situations.

  • To stay healthy, Angela try’s to go to the gym regularly. Her favorite group fitness class is BodyFlow, a combination of Yoga and Pilates. She also enjoys walking and biking.

  • Angela’s guilty pleasure is to have as much ice cream as she wants.

Gabby Dyer

Finance Manager

  •  Gabby’s favorite pair of MEGAComfort insoles are the MEGASole because they fit comfortably in her casual shoes.
  • To stay healthy, she enjoys hiking, exercising, and eating healthy.
  • Gabby’s guilty pleasure is an occasional glass of wine or scotch.

Ella Akivaeva

Accounting Manager

  • Ella loves her MEGASoles, because she can use them in both her work shoes and her training shoes.  
  • Ella stays healthy by trying to have a balanced diet and exercise regularly. 
  • Ella has big sweet tooth! 

Sandra L Wilner

Operations Manager

  • Sandra loves wearing her MEGAsole everyday as it fits perfectly with all her footwear

  • Her mantra of staying healthy is to ride a bike with her kids to their school 

  • Sandra’s guilty pleasure is to relax on the couch and watch Grey’s Anatomy while her kids play in the backyard