June is National Safety Month, and we are very happy to celebrate one of our favorite months. Practicing workplace safety is not only lawful, but it’s what you and your employees need to do to ensure a healthy, safe, and happy workplace.

All workplace safety programs are different, but their intent and your enthusiasm for safety should be the same. Today, we’re going to talk about safety tips that you can discuss and share with your workplace and team.

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Did you know that falls are the leading cause of injury in the workplace? It’s crucial that you and your team pay attention and make sure that walkways are free from hazards, such as debris and water spills. If you see a spill, take the initiative and make sure it gets cleaned up. It’s always better to clean up water, then to help a colleague, or yourself, up off the floor after a fall.

Make sure your shoes have good tread and grip, so that you have good traction and you don’t slip. You can also add MEGAComfort insoles to your shoes to reduce slips, trips, and falls. Our insoles are made of 100% dual layer memory foam, that act like anti-fatigue matting in your boots, allowing you to eliminate hazardous anti-fatigue floor matting that may cause trips and falls.

Protect Your Back

If your job requires lifting, even on an occasional basis, remember that proper lifting techniques can save your back from injury. As well do not move too quickly as this could strain your muscles.

Make sure you’re aware of the weight of the object your lifting. If an item feels too heavy, don’t force yourself to lift it. Instead, ask a colleague for assistance. It’s much better to ask for assistance than push your physical limitations.

Again, it’s important to wear proper footwear so you don’t slip or fall while lifting items. When you are bending, make sure you do so from the waist, utilizing your lower body, instead of lifting with your back. You want to keep your back straight and parallel with your legs.

Fire Hazards

All employees are responsible for making sure their work area is clear of combustible or flammable materials, according to OSHA’s Hazardous Materials Standard. It’s important to make sure you keep your work area free of clutter, this way you reduce the likelihood of missing an item, and can move freely in your work area without worry.

Make sure that passageways and walkways are free of obstructions or hazards. Not only will this help reduce slips, trips, and falls, but it’s vital for proper workplace safety.

It’s really important to have a fire plan in place for your workplace, and it’s vital that everyone understands this plan. Your team should be aware of escape routes, meeting areas, and the location of all fire extinguishers.

Safety Planning

Planning for safety, ensures a safer workplace and working environment. When you and your team on the same page, it makes everyone feel stronger as a collective unit. Safety planning also makes it easier for people to respond in emergency situations.

At MEGAComfort, we regularly discuss how to build and maintain a safe workplace. In fact, we just completed our safety training as a team. Through having open discussions about safety, we engage our entire team and create an atmosphere that allows for safety innovation. This National Safety Month, take time to talk to your team about proper workplace safety.