America’s Favorite Pastime

The smell of roasted peanuts and hot dogs wafts through the air. You hear the loud crack of the bat, and the crowd jumps to their feet and cheers. Baseball is still, by most accounts, America’s favorite pastime. Playing baseball, like any other sport, is not free from the risk of injury. This is especially true for the touted weekend warrior types who spend all week in the office and then play baseball like there’s no tomorrow on the weekends. Numerous painful and sometimes even debilitating injuries can entail, including sprains and strains of the feet, ankles, shins and knees.

Proper Equipment Reduces Injuries

Wearing the proper baseball equipment has been shown to dramatically reduce the injury rate for baseball players, both professional and amateur. One aspect of proper equipment that should not be overlooked is a good set of baseball insoles. With a good set of baseball insoles, a player will be able to avoid or reduce: foot and ankle pain, reduce the pressure points often caused by spikes or cleats, improve their balance (this will actually help you play better), shin splints and lower back pain.

What Good Baseball Insoles do for a Player

A good set of baseball insoles will feel like they are apart of your shoe (spike, cleat or whatever shoes you play in.) They will provide excellent protection against the numerous pressure points caused by the spikes or cleats which will dramatically decrease foot pain. The baseball insoles should also provide good shock absorption, which will minimize the strain to the shins and knees caused by the pounding of the foot on the ground while running the bases. The cushioning that the baseball insoles provide will also help to improve the player’s balance and run more effectively. This is especially important in baseball since the players run around the bases and are often striking their feet onto the ground at odd angles.

What’s in a Good Baseball Insole?

There are several important qualities your baseball insoles should have. You want them to be washable, durable and resistant to bacteria and fungi. You also want them to be as comfortable as walking on a thick cushioned mattress, but they need to be fairly thin to avoid negatively impacting the fit of your shoes. This is where memory foam comes in. A good set of baseball insoles can be made from dual layered memory foam which will contract and expand as the player runs, responding perfectly to the pressure demands of the player’s foot.


Baseball is America’s favorite pastime and a major contributor of sports related injuries during the summer months. Wearing proper equipment, including a quality pair of baseball insoles, can dramatically decrease injuries. Baseball insoles can also improve balance and help players run more efficiently. A good set of baseball insoles will be made from dual layered memory foam which will allow it to be durable, washable and resistant to germs. A good set of baseball insoles should fit nicely into your cleats and improve your comfort level immediately. Improving comfort and decreasing injuries are both great reasons to wear baseball insoles.

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