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Description Data Entry
Number of Standing or Mobile Employees Enter Value
Percentage of Employees Age 45 or older (1) Enter Value
Injury Incidence Rates (2) 0.00322
Average Direct Cost per MSD Injury Incident (3) $34,784.00
Average Indirect Cost per MSD Injury Incident (4) $38,262.00
Body Part Filter (5) 51%
MSD Prevention Filter (6) 70%
Estimated Total Cost
Insole Cost
Estimated Total Cost Savings Per Year

References and Explanations
(1) Age Multiplier - Percentage of Workforce Age 45 and Older - 15 % premium multiplier
(2) Table 4 BLS OSHA Press Release
(3) Average of Sprains, Strains and Other Cumulative (NOC)
(4) Table 5 Back and Lower Extemity vs Upper Extremity and Head - 51 %
(5) Estimated Percentage of Back and Lower Extremity MSD's that can be prevented using MEGAComfort Insoles