Pharmacists are continually caring for us so today we give them thanks, and try to show them the appreciation they so greatly deserve. Whether you have questions about the common cold or need greater medication education, your local pharmacist is truly always there to help and assist you.

So many of us are fortunate to have an emotional connection with our pharmacist. They have seen us and our families grow and tend to know just as much about us as our physician. They have a vital role in healthcare, and more importantly in our lives.

Since your pharmacist doesn’t get a day off to observe this holiday, you can show them how much you care in a very simple way, just say “thank you”. There is no doubt, taking that extra moment to thank your pharmacist will brighten their day.

If you’re a pharmacy manager, it’s a great idea to show your team how you care by giving them a gift that shows you care and reduces their pain and fatigue from standing all day. Your team of pharmacists works tirelessly, typically for very long hours on their feet. What better way to show you care than providing them with a pair of MEGAComfort insoles?

Not only do MEGAComfort insoles fit neatly in your safety or PPE budget, but they fit perfectly into most pairs of shoes. They are clinically designed by a podiatrist, made with dual layer memory foam, and studies show they diminish pain and fatigue. MEGAComfort insoles provide your employees with the proper support they need, so they can continue to support your customers and community.

Whether you work with a pharmacist or have a regular pharmacist, each day is a good day to tell them thank you for all the hard work they do to keep you healthy. Take a moment today, on National Pharmacist Day, to really tell them how much you appreciate their caring commitment to help you stay or get healthy!