As the end of the year is approaching we would like to take the opportunity and provide you with a creative solution for your unused budget!

Have you been having a difficult time deciding what you’re going to spend the rest of your department budget on before the end of 2015? For many companies, as the year ends, unspent budget dollars get lost. Don’t let your unused budget go to waste, use them effectively on products that benefit your employees, increase productivity, decrease physical stress, and show your employees you care about their health, time, and overall wellness.

Our Insoles are:

  • Clinically Proven & Tested to Reduce Employee Fatigue
  • Ergonomically Designed by a Podiatrist
  • Over 10 years of R&D
  • Original Patented Dual Layer 100 % Memory Foam Technology
  • Cost-effective alternative to standard rubber floor matting
  • Can be included in Footwear, PPE, Matting, Ergonomic, or Wellness Budget