Year round, MEGAComfort advocates practicing health, safety and wellness efforts that improve the workplace. From August 12-18 we’ll be honoring Safe + Sound Week. This annual nationwide event, held by OSHA, celebrates the successes of health and safety programs within the workplace, while providing companies with more ideas on how to keep workers safe.

Participating in annual events like these is a wonderful opportunity for any business to make health and safety a focus. Although it should always be top of mind, periods of time that honor safety and promote health and wellness education help promote important dialogue throughout the workplace. Successful health and safety programs have the ability to be proactive, instead of reactive, to workplace injuries and illnesses. Joining in on Safe + Sound week may help give your health and safety program the boost it needs to be more successful.

Here are some ways you and your team can participate in Safe + Sound week:

  • Post a suggestion board that allows employees to share their thoughts about workplace wellness and safety and how it can be improved.
  • Provide extra training during Safe + Sound week
  • Celebrate safety milestones
  • Hold a safety demonstration for equipment
  • Host a trivia session for employees and test their health and safety knowledge

The key to making Safe + Sound week successful is by engaging in additional safety discussions. Speak to your workers about their safety concerns and then create affective solutions. For example, countless workers suffer from back pain. Instead of assuming it’s par for the course, find effective safety solutions such as implementing a MEGAComfort Anti-Fatigue Insole program. Anti-fatigue insoles provide personalized comfort and shock absorption, reducing pain and fatigue with every step. Simple, cost effective solutions can make a tremendous impact in the workplace and you won’t know the answer, until you start engaging in meaningful conversations with employees.