Today, is Safer Internet Day! The theme of the holiday is to “Be the change: Unite for a better internet”. It’s the perfect day to talk about internet safety, for both young and older individuals.

At MEGAComfort, we love talking about safety in the workplace. Most of the time we’re talking about using proper safety clothing, insoles, healthy habits, or taking precautions while using equipment. We all use the internet. In fact, you’re using it at this very moment to read this incredible article about internet safety!

It’s obviously and important subject and one that affects all of us. Do you ever get weird emails? You know, when a king or queen of a foreign country believes you, and only you, are the person who can help them? Well, we don’t doubt that you are phenominal, but we know that these emails can lead to unsafe outcomes. It’s for reasons like this that Safer Internet Day exists.

How can you celebrate this holiday? Well Microsoft has created a challenge to partake in! IT’s called the Digital Civility Challenge and it implores everyone to use the golden rule on the internet. We hope that most people are always trying to treat others as they wish to be treated. However, today above others is the perfect day to stand up for others, support people in your favorite online forums and befriend more people in a meaningful way online.

While supporting Safer Internet Day, you can use #challenge4civility and #im4digitalcivility.